Medical Cannabis Supreme Court Victory Joint

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Michel Riccio says:

Thanks Remo for posting this Historical Video ! Please all say a Big Thank You to Justin Trudeau at Let's all attach this video address to our emails !

esta canail says:

remo tell me please where the trial took place?

FixItStupid says:

So Happy ! For You ALL….Take Care, Your, Fix IT

Daniel Macdougall says:

congrats from australia !

hi says:

congrats and peace to canada

DrAutoflower Adventures says:

Congrats guys!

arieakaarto says:

Fuk yea man it's guna b the shit when we get shit right in the U.S of motherfuckN A On a side note just cut down my Tahoe OG

joe schmoe says:

LEGALIZE IT …don't criticize it

internetwarrior666 says:

If Remo handed me a fatty like that and I canoed it, I'd have to kill myself.

internetwarrior666 says:

Fuck yeah! Big win for us here in Canada! All thanks to Remo and his friends who have brought us one step closer to growing our own!

The Mighty Spoon says:

FUCKING AWESOME MAN! Fuck yes… FREE THE WEEED, all over the world

Cory Trevor says:

respect. keep up the great work remo. if it wasn't for people like you taking a stance and fighting for what's right we would never move forward. keep up the good work

Caleb Mcneil says:

That ruling is definitely a move in the right direction!

AkaHyped says:

That story at 3:00 gave me the chills, never heard of a cop doing something so awesome ;)

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