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Jem Stansfield explores a never used reactor core at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria, to explain how a nuclear power station works.

Bang Goes The Theory, investigating the science behind the headlines and making sense of the everyday issues that matter to us all.

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lennardknol says:

the fine bros don't approve of this video

axehammer says:

i hate the advertisers videos

Flakey Foont says:

Funny, he makes it all sound so costless and trivial. Never mind that there is currently NO way to store the used fuel rods safely anywhere on the planet. This is a dirty power plant that will generate toxic waste that will last for thousands of years.
Check out Naoto Kan's speech (former Japan prime minister) about the mistake called atomic energy.

Somya Kumar says:

nothing is to be done to fire the neutrons. they are everywhere. they do this by themselves.

Lugul banda (Lugulbanda) says:

this is well explained, but as well as a hotwater cooker can blow up if the vent is damaged, the same happens with a nuklear reaktor, how and when it happens depends on the construcktion, we can make reactors technical save, wich costs alot of money but we cant never prepeared for what nature like in fukoshima has in the backhand for us, and dont forget fukoshima didnt blow up because of the tsunami, it blows up because the construcktion was wrong, and people made mistakes… and one thing this funny movie didnt tell about is whats comming out of a meltdown reaktor, thats death over time, and that for years if the Reactor works with plutonium… and its the same as the Veterans of the Gulf War Expirianced as they shot theyr nuclear Wast Genozid Weapons, they all got sick and mostly die until today… and nobody talks about the people who live there… for me this is the second dangerous technology mankind build up between Genetics, and for what do we risk the option be polutet for years for quick money ask urself the Homo Sapiens lives now since 200.000 years on this land from the cave to the atomic cooking days.. and ask urself is this Technology dangerous or not, we cant blame our ancestors for doing something because we can if it came up only remember a few hundert years of the past but like in fukoshima, were the radiation today, and with every Generation more Chancer spreads up more workers with defect genes make new babys… the effekt circles up, and its not only those wich are exposed to it, this gene defect are given to the next child and its giving them forward to the next over Generations to come, on the end a small scale Event poison the hole civilisation, and that why this freaking Technology wich is only to boil Water must be stoped!

DJ Sansom says:

I want to go in there


In my day we had to split our atoms by hand

Travel Daft says:

how can he go down there! isn't there radiation ? can someone explain this to me please

AndreyGaming says:

is it possible to make a very small reactor that can fit i a shelf?

Regan Daly says:

Has a nuclear reactor in process ever been caught on film? Maybe the radiation would prevent it but is there film of the actual rods in use?

MLG gazi says:

we began to use atomic energy not as a weapon, but as a nearly limitless source of power…

noniigee says:

Heyyy… I have that kettle jug thing hahaha

Kim McClurg says:

This is so cool

Billy Willy says:

Nuclear fission is very divisive. :-O

LPyourplay says:

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Admiralty86 says:

Best explanation I've heard.

samsomiller says:

isnt being inside a nuclear ractor, the ultimate time to wear one of those yellow radiation suits

Shodan Computer Search Engine says:

You have gone critical, and that is a good thing…

So a meltdown is good?

Khanyiso Chiaro Mapuma says:

00:08 I see what you did there…

any12u says:

It all sounds so simple and safe… but what you never hear about from these "Experts" is where will the spent fuel be put. How long will it remain toxic and how do we control a nuclear meltdown???

goatboytone1 says:

How do you initially separate the neutron and how do you fire it into the uranium. I have a vision of a scientist loading neutrons into a pea shooter with a tiny pair of tweezers.

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