How To Cook Healthy Food: Breakfast Idea

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Health is our number one priority. Off grid living offers us a healthy alternative to living. We can grow our own food, raise our own chickens for eggs, obtain local raw milk and we can hunt to provide meat that is all nongmo and organic for pennies!

Today we start talking ab out breakfast basics!!!

Breakfast is the most overlooked meal of the day. It starts with nourishing ourselves early in the morning so we can sustain ourselves throughout the day as we work on our off grid homestead. BUT you dont need to be off grid to be your best! As a nurse and as athletes both of us know the importance of food! The right food. Breakfast is easy and it starts your body off right tin the morning.
Does your on grid life offer you a cup of coffee and a poptart or a McDonald egg muffin? STOP!
There are simple solutions to making breakfast fast easy and NUTRITIOUS! See what Mr Hilder is cooking and join us for more healthy alternative options for meals and fitness!!

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Journey to the Freedom Homestead says:

We love a healthy breakfast! I cannot wait until we can grow our own food! We are currently downsizing and eating everything out of our pantry and freezer in preparation for our upcoming move. Are your chickens still laying in the winter?

Steven Davis says:

You are so right! We are what we eat! Garbage in garbage out. The Word of God in The Life of Christ lived out!

dumanhieu says:

YUM! That made me so hungry watching Mr Hilder eat those goodies I just had to get an avocado out and cook up a couple of eggs for dinner I don't have any fresh kale so a little canned kale will suffice. Thanks for sharing it is always so much fun to watch your life on the homestead

Mike Metheny says:

Do you own sitting furniture? I never see either of you sit!

Andrew ML says:

Great tips, never knew avocados we so good for you. Eating healthy is really important. Thanks for sharing!

Pernila Gustafsson says:

Hi Stary, There are few things here that are just not 100% "! I know you will think I'm being pedantic… OK I will go for it knowing I will get the wrath. Firstly eating breakfast standing up is really not good for anybodies health or digestion. The other point, that was all cooked in a non stick toxic pan! LETHAL TO YOUR HEALTH. Scrambled eggs are good now and again but they loose some of the vital nutrients being cooked so high a temperature.

Being a geneticist I know contrary to popular belief you can NOT just eat what you want and all will be digested perfectly. Not so. The stomach is a great machine but there are several ordinary foods combined together will even cause an explosion in the stomach!! So eating the right things instead of just shovelling certain foods down the gullet for energy is not for good health. Your husband is on the right track, but he does like so many others NOT understand the complexities of the gut…OATS SHOULD BE EATEN ON THERE OWN. Bacon and eggs should be eaten afterwards scrambled is only OK for short term protein otherwise they should be eaten with the whites cooked and the egg yolk runny always. Not ALL FOODS ARE EQUAL IN THE GUT. Protein in the morning, veggies in the day and a few carbs before bed makes the day go well.

Johanna Adams says:

Great video Starry. I have a question, what do you eat for breakfast? I believe you are vegetarian like me. Are you Vegan? The oatmeal looked yummy. I like it with walnuts and apples too. Kale I like to saute in a little olive oil and fresh garlic, really good.

Dale Durbin says:

I've traveled a lot over the years, I've found Avocado near impossible to find in most of the USA northern climes and when I did find them they were very expensive, $1.00 — $2.00 each. Down where I live 50 cents is the norm with three to five for a dollar often the sale price. Those that don't eat Avacado are missing a major treat-wonder food.

IdahoSolar says:

How do maintain a long shelve life for your avocados to avoid frequent trips to the grocery store. I have never been able to keep them for more then 3-4 days.

Hanna Albanese says:

yay! finally! i know we have all been waiting for this series! do you make your kale chips in the dehydrator or oven?

Tennessee Homestead says:

Great information, but now I'm hungry. Time for a little late breakfast.

Sher Thom says:

Seems like the healthy fats always come from tropical areas. What kind of healthy fats can we grow on our own homestead?

Nancy Coy says:

Mr. Hilder is a good cook! The oatmeal looks really good! You two are very good role models for health & nutrition!

Tommy Wright says:

that avo is genetically modified lies


Hi Starry great tips for Mr. Hilders breakfast ( what Is his 1st name ) we are all wondering that ?

Sue L says:

You know you really hit home about the soda. I eat Terrible an pre diabetic but you guys somehow really get me to really want to change my bad habits . Thanks you

loch ness says:

Must say Mr H's porridge looked really tasty, and I normally cannot stand the stuff, it normally is sooo sloppy looking, but as is says in the Goldilocks and 3 bears story…. " it was just right " ….. look forward to the healthy eating vids

CuteSeamus says:

how do you feel about alcohol in moderation in regards of living a healthy lifestyle… would love to hear your take on it… you're absolutely right about fast food… it's horrid… i try to cook every meal i eat now days… working on being able to grow and raise everything i eat for even better quality…

Anthony Morgan says:

is your wood stove a secondary combustion type? If not, since I know efficiency is important to you, perhaps it would be worth a look.. neat stuff.. less wood

Pat zx24me says:

Why all the cinder blocks on the kitchen wood cook stove? to store heat??

grizz270 says:

dude i enjoy this channel and subxcribed 3 months ago , i dont wanna be a troll but i am known to speak my mind whether its right or wrong , your eyes dont blink they are wide open , that breakfast looked disgusting , i do agree about fast foods and manufactored foods , i disagree with your hunting practice that i have seen on your vidios but i will say your a damned good hunter and ethical , i just gont beleve in hunting stands , i am a firm believer in staulking , keep the vids rollin im up in years with a broken back sorta and enjoy diferent takes even thou yo eastern folk call a forked horn a 4 point lol

Kathleen Zimmer says:

Please- are huckleberries mulberries or something else? Do they grow on a tree or a bush? Or canes?

John D says:

Are you going to make coats and leggings out of the deerskins or do you sell them?

EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) says:

u two are amazing

Lynn Crum says:

I just had a major health crisis. I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. My gall bladder ruptured. It was filled with stones. It had blocked my pancreas, creating pancreatitis, colonitis, my liver enzymes were through the roof and I was in renal failure and jaundice . This comes from eating fast food two to three times a day , every single day for the last 30 plus years. I am 51 years old. I also drank 5-6 sodas per day. I thought I could not afford health insurance, which I couldnt because I spent all my money eating fast food all the time……well, now I am stuck with $32,000 in medical bills and even less money for health insurance. People need to really listen to you and what you are teaching. It has certainly been a wake up call for me. No sodas since the surgery, and Im doing my best to prepare healthy foods at home. I will not lie. It is a struggle and a huge adjustment.

Deep South Homestead says:

We tried the kale chips but failed so do us a video on them please.

Workin On It says:

I love oatmeal, have it almost everyday for the last 30 years or so, now I will have to add eggs….great tips.

Michelle beautyfabstar 2000xxooxxooxx says:

My neck is really weak, and I need to strengthen it somehow.

Michelle beautyfabstar 2000xxooxxooxx says:

I need to start eating breakfast.

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