How To Apply For a Medical Cannabis Card in Illinois

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Medical Cannabis Pilot Program:

Windy City Cannabis – Homewood location:


Bernatta Bronaugh says:

Hello love I can tell your a good spirit!! person….who is self motivated…..TO HELP OTHERS I SO LOVE YOU DOING THIS VIDEO…..IM LOOKING TO MOVE there and want to know if been charged with misdemeanor in another state can you recieve it…ALSO I HAVE LUPUS…RA… OSTEOPOROSIS. ..AND STOMACH ISSUES CONCERNING NAUSEOUS. …..CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME..? ARE YOU ON FB? my name BERNATTA Z BRONAUGH….I NEED HELP FROM YOU PLEASE WITH ALL YOU DO…I HAVE A 13 YR OLD AND LOOKING FOR HOUSING TOO….

Mark Pugner says:

How long did it take for you to get your card after you sent in the application?

SuperDomo1997 says:

I also live close to Homewood Illinois as well!!

SuperDomo1997 says:

My application was sent in last week for the Illinois cannabis program and I am worried that it might not be approved. My physician says that I have nothing to worry about but I have heard about other patients being denied for the same condition that I applied for which will be scoliosis. My scoliosis is actually worse than the average person @ 41 degrees but I still don't think this is enough to get approved. Please tell me what you think

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