Tim Cook Says iPhone-Cracking Solution is ‘Software Equivalent of Cancer’

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Apple CEO explains why he refuses to create software that would help the FBI break into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.


Photoshopuzr says:

D.T Clearly knows nothing about iphone security and how it works, he is excused.

Yanti Celebes says:

Detail info contact us

anyseattleteamfangamer says:

unlock the phone Apple the fun needs any information it has on it

Robert Rodgers says:

Tim Cook is an American hero! I strongly support him in this heroic fight against the anti-American fascist who wish to impose a nightmarish "Big Brother" hell within the USA. Snowden & other whistleblowers have already proven that the FBI, NSA, and other government organizations can not be trusted due to intensely anti-American agendas from right-wing extremist. They have repeatedly proven that the last thing that they want to do is to "keep us safe".

Rikardiho says:

And you really believe if Apple built this new OS/software it won't get leaked? Everything gets leaked nowdays it would get leaked to the point that everyone can Crack it just like a jailbreak

Mark Grayson says:

who is john galt?

scorpio3749 S says:

Apple should give them the info On these two dirt bags Crazy MT F who are now with there Gin, and keep the code secret from the Government.

ICIWMB says:

I call for an ABC news boycott for misrepresenting this issue.

Fredolin says:

Thank you Tim!

rawfoodhd says:

If everybody puts themselves into the families shoes that lost people in that attack…there's no way you can support Apple.
Apple doesn't care about the privacy of there customers, its a company strategy to show that they will fight the government.

yobuddy 215 says:

I'm a android guy but I stand with apple .

james casey says:

I can't believe that with the tax money spent on Home Land Security they can't open a cell phone and why not just send the phone to them and let them open the Cell Phone we all know they where Terrorist when is everyone going to wake up there People that Hate us and Want to Kill Us the FBI & the People @ I Phone should work together I can see that they don't need a back door hell what has the NSA been doing is what we need to be asking what is are Government spending are Tax money on to keep us Safe ?

Salty Potatoes says:

First to say first!!!

Dream says:

A better for Apple would be to say that by breaking the phone this would result in unrepairable damage to the brand

Michael McGregor says:

He's d-bag… he's just like fucking King Louis of France who rules all things… like if someone brought iPhone, i rule your iPhone

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