Software Inc: Alpha 8 | Part 1

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We’re kicking things off in Software Inc. Alpha 8, which brings a bunch of new software options and building items!
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FlipHalfling90 says:

You should play prison arkitect

Dinis Coelho says:

CMS – Content Management System, it's like WordPress or Drupal

xt3100 says:

CMS is Content Management System!

Yuvraj Jain says:

Dylan you probably wanna change the time that you come in and go home.

DuckOfDeathV says:

Thanks for jumping right back in to Software, Inc.! I love some of the new features.

DeadCrazy says:

Alpha 8?! What!?!?

GenRitto says:

Check out "Pro Game Manager" it's fun game to play

MobileGamer236 says:

I got slightly worried at 20:32

Jani Eriksson says:

your videos is set on "private"

Jacob Cossack says:

video just ends O_o

CONFLICTNERD Stephen says:

Watching you play, gets me motivated to play Software Inc again :)

Desmond Cabeza says:

mini game facts, desining , when you are about to die in the mini game press escape and also 2 in a triangle works as well

Giancarlo Rosa says:

CMS is a content management system.

Septim's Productions says:

Your CMS (Content Management Systems) are things like WordPress and Joomla among others

ManiacVesaderac says:

Dylan you beast. I didn't even know about alpha 8 until i saw this video! <3

MeDaVlogger says:

999 views 111 likes illuminati confirmed.

Dan McCarthy says:

Is there an actual point to the mini games you were doing? Are was it just something to do whilst you wait for your team to develop the software?

RinksGaming720p says:

So Glad that your brining back good old Software Inc. Your the reason ive played 70 hours on the game, I love it so much Its a great game. Also congrats on 19,000 Subscribers Dylan. The Channel is growing super fast and you deserve it :D

TonyPineapplesHD says:

On Alpha 7, I was able to start with 50k in 1980, and bought the best products from companies, and I had over 50 million in a day, it's easy to cheat the game that way, lol.

TeKGeniu says:

yay, another series on Software Inc!!!!! Love it <3

advancedchicken says:

what is the aim of this game? ☺

Creeper Gaming says:

Wow this alpha 8 looks really interesting and complicating! Can't wait to boot my computer up soon and play some, looks really cool! Finally you can proper edit your programs!! Really nice video dude keep up the good work. What's with the auto pausing? I'd prefer it without. Still good video! <3

CBPS4Gaming says:


Air stuff17 says:

Yeeeeeeeseseeseseseeeseseseessssssssssssssssssss How did I miss this???????

sphericgamers says:

is alpha 8 out for the general public?

Dacazy Corp says:

Damn dylan, back at it again with those software Inc vids

Fnaf gamer says:

Nice vid Dylan

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