Best & Worst Metro PCS phones #3 Samsung/LG/ZTE/Kyocera

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HTC Desire 626

ZTE Obsidian

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Best & Worst Metro PCS phones #3 Samsung/LG/ZTE/Kyocera
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Chris Longoria says:

Actually I think the HTC Desire 626s is a good phone the only problem is the battery life but other than that it's a pretty good phone!

Jeremy Doss says:

i have to disagree with u. the zte zmax is one of the better phones ive had. and i would still be using it if i didnt destroy it in anger…. "unrelated to the phone"

Lyanne Restrepo says:

i had the LG stylo, beautiful phone perfect great quality camera works wonderfully resolution was great but within 6 months I dropped it too many times with a shock proof case, and it still broke wasn't repairable. Ended up buying the LG Leon terrible phone real crappy laggy horrible quality. Point, stylo is great just don't drop it!

DT Artist says:

Kyocera all day

Grayson Rainbolt says:

hey can you unlock an LG g3 to work with your company

Bob Willis says:

got the zte obsidian. works good. no problems. $39 at Walmart

Gamer21 says:

metro pcs service is best with top phone unlocked

Salvador Becerra says:

When are you going one of those videos and love your videos

Aaron Aaron says:

if you wanted to buy a phone from MetroPCS won't you just buy the new white LG G stylo $10029 like he said

Aaron Aaron says:

if a person buy a phone from metro pcs wont they just buy the new iPhone 6 s or 6 plus

Kawonda H says:

What about that LG v10 is it any good?

Skyethur says:

well most cheap phones at metro only has 16gb of rom and only 10gb of usuble memory thats not enough for a geek lol

Brandon Gary says:

I still have the ZTE but the screen is all cracked & chipped so stepping to LG G stylo

Samuel Arias says:

im watching this with an lg g stylo right now

King Neptune says:

yeah but what you are forgetting is the 8gb version of the stylo has storage problems. you cant expand the storage with an sd card and they have still yet to fix this problem

Sandwhich Thugg says:

I have the zte zmax, never have I had a problem its worth the buck it has a big screen, the battery lastest me a while I'll continue using this phone

Rasheed Bennett says:

And it has a better camra

Rasheed Bennett says:

I think the htc is the best because its more up to date than the rest

Creeper tron Gamer says:

yay i have a stylo

Alex Marin says:

alcatel idol 3 5.5 shits on all these phones 150$ on cricket wireless

Savanna Foss says:

The LG LEON is actually a really good phone..I love my LG LEON it's great phone…also mine was not 29 bucks it was way more than that…so also I've had no problem with mine.. I got it for Christmas and I've had no problems

Uta Ghoul says:

poor lg 450 nobody likes it. he doesn't even want to talk about it

MysteriousMr.Majestic says:

I have the leon or had, I gave it to my younger sibling, and I've dropped it a few times and even thrown it at a wall and hasn't cracked. Half the space is taken by system updates and was overpriced at a whopping $80!

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