3 Cool New Phones

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 aren’t the only cool new phones at MWC 2016.
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Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6dBV4QiJVM

2016 is already proving to be a good year for smartphones. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, a pair of high end phones with serious specs including waterproofing, improved cameras and the new Snapdragon 820. With the LG G5 we’re looking at Friends which are a Bang and Olufsen DAC and headphone amp, LG Cam Plus which includes a bigger battery and manual photo and video controls along with removable batteries along with a pair of cameras, a wide angle and normal 16 megapixel camera. The HP Elite x3 is a new Windows Phone that takes advantage of Continuum and Windows 10 to work as a PC.

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Mohammed Almilhim says:

LG G5 #Beast

Kasaii says:

He sounds like Luna

mandeFTW says:

None of these phones are special for me
Samsung just stole Sony Waterproofing with there Xperia Z Series
Hp did what the are good form making random stuff
Lg didnt suprice me at all
Sony Xperia X at the other hand did Suprice me

Monkey XChad says:

best laptops under $550? don't know what to get maybe a video can help?

renato muu says:

let me guess … s7, g5, xiaomi ?

aleksander tat says:

samsung galaxy s7

Irfan xanon says:

hai austin, its guys

ComedicInc says:

Are you tired, or trying to deepen your voice?

GUM - Give Us Money says:

2:18 g5

Omair Minhas says:

i like the design on the HP phone an the system its running but its play market does not have applications enough 🙁 but the g5 is also nice

Manchester FC FTW says:

Is Samsung copying Sony? I'm no fanboy but I'm pretty sure all the features in the S7 were on previous Sony models yet Samsung fanboys praise Samsung like they were the first ones to add hear features

Fade Storm says:

Hey, how about making another budget gaming pc for 2016?

Bhargav Sripada says:

whats wrong with your voice, Austin

Nozzy Works says:

I really like the functionality of the G5 over the rest of the phones, however that PC and phone docking thing is really interesting yet not advanced enough at this stage to really impress me.

Jacky Chak says:

So…….no blackberry phones in MWC?

fried water says:

upgrading to a g5

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