Nicotine Propaganda: Don’t feed the LIARS!

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It is popularly believed that Nicotine is the cause for Smoking Addiction. Is it? It’s “Bullshit”! Let me explain you why.

1) How much Nicotine is in a cigarette:
2) Ten facts on Nicotine:
3) Six common foods with Nicotine:
4) Truth About Vaping Episode-2:
5) E-cig Policy by Rolygate:
6) Not blowing smoke:
7) Google Images
8) Biology of Nicotine Addiction by Dr. David Sachs:
9) Nicotine Treatment Benefits the Brain – Russ Scala:
10) What Effects Does Nicotine Have on the Brain:
11) Professor Peter Killeen on Vaping:
12) N.E.D. Promo Video:
13) Greg Gutfeld, The War Against E-Cigs:
14) These Foods Actually Have Nicotine In Them:
15) Effect of cigarette on body:
16) What Is Vitamin B3 (Niacin):
17) Niacin- Vitamin B3- Vital for energy production:
18) The Snus Studies:


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