First Chemo Pill – Agent Orange Exposure Leukemia/lymphoma – April 2012

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This is the day I wanted – or needed your company – as I took my first chemo pill to treat my two new cancers. So I share this experience and challenge with you now.

April 2012


I am an American citizen who suffers from three cancers caused by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. I was exposed multiple times to Agent Orange while traveling with the USO and US Army as a volunteer when I was 18-years-old.

I have pursued EVERY governmental agency for help and assistance so desperately need.

I was classified as a “Federal Employee” at the time of traveling. The government says that it is MY burden to prove exposure.

If I were a “veteran” I would immediately qualify for Agent Orange exposure benefits.

All my claims have been denied.

There is no further recourse for me.

I have been collateral damage of the worst kind.

How does this affect YOU?

Our veterans returning home today are facing serious health issues from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The traumas of these wars are PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, as well as cancers never seen.

If this can happen to me, it can happen to YOUR loved ones in the military.

I AM the canary in the mine.


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