Learn 20 Easy and Fast Math Tricks – Vedic Mathematics

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Learn and practice these math tricks and you will be able to do calculate and solve math questions in a matter of seconds.

You will be proud of your own Mathematical ability and also amaze your friends.

Topics included in Learn 20 Easy and Fast Math Tricks – Vedic Mathematics
1. Multiply any number with 9.
2. How to square a two digit number.
3. Divide any number with 5.
4. Sum of ‘n’ consecutive even numbers.
5. Sum of ‘n’ consecutive odd numbers.
6. Multiply any number with 11.
7. Multiply any number with 4.
8. Multiply any number with 5.
9. Multiply an even number and an odd number.
10. Mulitply two close by numbers.
11. Multiply any number with 25.
12. Multiply any two number between 11 and 20.
13. Multiply any two number between 90 and 100.
14. Square of any number between 41 and 59.
15. Square any number ending with 5.
16. Multiply any two numbers which differ by 2, 4, or 6.
17. Multiply any number with 99.
18. Multiply any two numbers, when their unit digits add unto 10.
19. Multiply two numbers by taking Average.
20. Squaring Numbers in 50s.

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