Is Anti Vaccination Campaign Scientific?(Malayalam) Ravichandran C vs Jacob Vadakkancherry

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Programme organized by Kerala freethinkers forum On 15.02.2016 Bank Employers hall .Thiruvananthapuram

Live stream Video Without Editing :-

Noted Freethinker and authour Ravichandran C here debates with Mr Jacob Vadakkancherry, a naturopath on the scientif ic validity of the anti-vaccine campaign. Ravichandran argued that the opposition to the vaccination raised by anti-vaccine capagainers in Kerala is based on wrong information, pseudo science and irrationality. Mr Vadkkancherry said that though vaccines are good and fine, currently, they are not applied in a scientific manner in the state. He also said that though there are germs, no germs to cause diseases. Suporting the germ theory, Ravichandran said that the propaganda against vaccines which saved billions over the last few hundred years is a social disservice to say the least.This debate, lasted 3 hours, was conducted by the Keral Freethinkers Forum at 4 pm on 15.2.16 at Bank Employees Union Hall, Trivandrum, India. Mr MA Lal, a media person, moderated the event.


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