Celebs Who Have Admitted to Weight Loss Surgery

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Celebs Who Have Admitted to Weight Loss Surgery

EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson had the gastric sleeve procedure in early August of 2014.

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr had her gastric bypass surgery when she had reached over 350 pounds. She has stated, “I had my entire digestive system removed, so I should look thinner!’ the mother-of-five says of her new figure.” The comedienne looks amazing!

Randy Jackson

Randy had reached 350 pounds in 2001 and after going through with weight loss surgery, he is now healthier and happier. He explains, “For the old Dawg, a holiday party was a chance to have something to eat, drink, and be merry, but the new Randy does not drink or eat at parties.”

Before and After: Celebs Who Have Admitted to Weight Loss Surgery
Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa also had the gastric sleeve surgery and she said in an interview, “The size I am right now is the size I was always meant to be.”

Star Jones

Star had gastric bypass surgery in 2003. She went from a size 26 to a 6. She explained in an interview, “The night before the surgery, I convinced myself that afterward everything would be fine and I could get on with the rest of my life.”

Sharon Osbourne

In 1999 Sharon had the lap-band surgery. She “lost a ton of weight, but it made me so sick.” She has since had it removed and stays healthy through smart choices.

Al Roker

Al Roker had weight loss surgery in 2002 and has been very open about his experience. He even admitted that his weight was taking a toll on his marriage, “It’s a vicious cycle because now you feel judged and you’re upset, and if that’s the case, what do you do? You eat. And then your spouse is upset. Or you even lie about your food — you’re closet eating.”

Graham Elliott

Graham of Masterchef, had huge success with his weight loss surgery. He told People, “What’s going to make me healthy is the most important thing right now so I can enjoy my kids and be around long enough to see them grow up.”


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