$1,710 Day Trading 01-29-16

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http://www.oiltradingacademy.com, this is the trading I did on Friday 01-29-16 and then I had to leave for the weekend and didn’t have time to upload this video before I left. Both Code 2 worked perfectly and were called out in advance before they ever even happened in my charting service. I am back now it’s currently 6:30am PST and I’ll be resuming the charting service now and the trading which I’ll start trading again for Wednesday’s session. I hope all of you had a good weekend and a really good week last week in your trading. I’m back now to resume the charting service and use that information to nail the trades all week long this week and every week to come 🙂 Also notice I’m now using the atomic clock website to verify and prove that what you’re seeing is no “replay” and it’s the actual time as presented in the software, what you’re observing is California time or PST, this is proven by the official government time using the atomic clock. I’m getting to work now answering emails to which I have well over 100 to answer and to catch up on the charting service for last Friday, this Monday and what happens today on Tuesday and I’ll be ready to trade again on Wednesday. I shouldn’t need to take anymore breaks from the charting anytime in the near future. I really hope all of you are doing well in your trading and I’ll soon be offering private mentoring to those of you interested. Happy Trading everyone…..David….Oil Trading Academy


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