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The 10 steps to starting your online business are not exactly what you think they are! Many people jump into selling online with no selling or business experience.

This is the reason so many people FAIL to make make money online! If you want to be successful making money online follow these steps.

1 Start local, you can make money faster and begin building your business skill sets.

2 Start with a physical product easier to get your head around and easier for the customer to make a decision.

3 Spend as much time as you can selling face to face ( same skill sets work online)

4 Make your first $1000 dollars local before you buy any online assets ( website, domain, etc)

5 Research your market or bucket from top to bottom this makes it much easier to make money!

6 Think large, think millions. This thought process forces you to get real about your business model!

7 Hire ASAP! The sooner you hire the more likely your business will be an success.

8 Hustle before you spend. If there is a way you can pre-sell or book clients in advance do it!

9 Network your ass off. Relationship are critical to your success! The more people who know what you do- and LIKE YOU the easier it is to get referrals.

10 Get started! All of this is meaningless if you do not take action!

Call 404 -558 8111 for business advice. This is what you do. Leave your name, number and ask clear questions related to business. Tell me about you and how you make money and what is your goal.

No – Hey Glendon call me back stuff that is a waste of your time and mine.

For qualified clients I will call you back for a strategy session on your business. If you are just starting or have a commonly asked question I – may make a video about it. Leave those questions as well.

If you do not have a business do this.

I have several courses and books that can lift your money making efforts – however- there is something called work involved!

I understand this is the internet. I know you are hit in the face every day that – some course, some program with make you a ton of money with little or no effort.

That is bullshit.

If you want to create a life you love ( chase happiness) not money you are going to have to WORK! Now that we got that out the way….this is the break down.

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