Inside Story – Why is Chinese economy slowing?

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Countries around the globe are nervously watching what is happening to the Chinese economy – and fear the potential knock on effects.

New government statistics say China’s GDP grew last year by almost seven percent – many other countries would be delighted by that.

But its the lowest growth for 25 years – and another sign that the heady days of record-breaking economic expansion are long gone.

The true situation could be even worse – some analysts do not believe the official data.

As the world’s second biggest economy again stalls, countries which export commodities such as oil and iron ore to China are suffering – with the possibility of worse to come.

So, what has gone wrong? And should the world be concerned?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Pauline Loong – Managing director of Asia-Analytica and analyst on China’s political economy

Chris Watling – Chief market strategist at Longview Economics.

Michele Geraci – Professor of finance at Zhejian University and an economic adviser to governments, corporations and investors in China

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