UX Design 1: How To Design a Website: Site Audit

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Jose and Chris continue the UX Series by working on a real Blind client. They answer audience questions and start by reviewing who the client is, their customer profiles (Done during a previous strategy phase) reviewing their current site and reviewing the competition. A must see episode as they continue the User Experience Series.

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Sinead Ragonesi-Browne says:

Super show guys, thanks. Just wondering what your thoughts are on having a two different companies working on the design – 1 to do the analysis & strategic planning and another to do the build. Thought being the first company will be objective, business focused and impartial. Leaving the second company (a web design company) to concentrate on graphical design & build?

Aimee Guzman says:

Jose are you loosing weight you're looking great!

Aizaz Ali says:

Regarding content: Leaving the discussion out as a mandate is never a good idea. It should be presented to the client as an option to choose. So that the requirements are clear and accountability doesn't remain with us. Obviously client should be told about the challenges in the old(legacy content) and limitations which will be implicated regarding SEO.

Like with the current client, they had too much content on the previous site and that amount of content will have an effect on the structure and user experience of the website that is if the client decides to stay with that content.

Aizaz Ali says:

Thank you for sharing a value insight in to process. I presume that at this stage it is very beneficial to have a look at the web analytic and user footprints of the previous design? Yes? No? May be?

johan mendez says:

Web content part was a eye opener, it is normal to skip that part when talking with the customer about the project.
Also I think there is a gap between, this video and the introduction one, and it is when you are showing the "user profile cards" that is a complete process call Proto-Personas, it would be awesome if you talk about that 😉 thanks

Gary Harding says:

In regards to content: I depend on my level of relationship with them and I just tell them I think their site needs to be rewritten; they usually trust my opinion. Yes, content is always an issue, especially for a new site! I have a few writer freelancers I introduce them to if they need that. I find that even for smaller corporations, I get the "we can handle it ourselves" line a lot. I find they take the branding and visual design much more seriously than the content. I realize there is writing for SEO, writing for conversion, etc. I think these are some of the most compelling reasons to sell them on rewriting the content, and to Chris' point, to simplify everything and not overwhelm a potential customer.

Alexander Morris says:

Curious how does the bridge between engineers and ux designers get crossed in building websites? Engineers try to design while ux designers try to engineer, which usually leads to problems in the development of a website. Is there a common ground between the two that you guys have seen while being in ux?

Rodrigo Sales says:

Hey guys, I'm from Brazil, and i'm getting involved with your shows, you're awesome. Thank You very much!

Pietro Sammarco says:

You guys are awesome. I can tell how super talented you guys are by simply how you explain and express your own ideas.

I am working on putting together my startup and you guys are helping a whole lot. Big ups!

Janis Ozolins says:

Even though I'm a freelancer and that is something completely different from what you guys do as a company, I was just wondering – how do you justify to a regular business person that $10,000+ website is a much better solution that a $500 WordPress site? Yes, the difference obviously will be in design and other technical aspects of the site [that is important to designers and devs], but the thing that many companies care about at the end of the day is $$$. I've always been fascinated by how some people can charge $10k for the same site others are willing to make for $500.

Irfan Prabowo says:

Hi man, im from Indonesia. I really love your show. Thank you very much!

Simon Trevaskis says:

Chris I'd def go video with this product… show them the experience… a day at Ollies. :)

Nathaniel McConnell says:

Like Chris says, "small to medium sized clients expect to keep most if not all the content and merely add a face lift." I think, Jose said it well, "we've got to nip that in the bud as soon as possible!" From my perspective, I cannot defer the content, because as a designer, art and copy go hand in hand, especially if I want my work to show real results for my clients. How do you guys go about this? Do you only rewrite some of the content as you "simplify their site down"?

Stephen Lee says:

Oh….by the way fellas, the new set and the changes are really giving the entire show a good feel. I like the changes..

Stephen Lee says:

Great start guys…the question I have is how is the redesign aligned with the goals of the company ? What pain points did they have that the current site wasn't meeting ? Or what new initiatives are they trying to achieve ? It helps me understand what prompted you to recommend or change the way the updated site will be designed to help achieve he customer's objectives.

Anthony Morlett says:

Hey Jose and Chris love your banter makes for a good show! I think Chris brings up a amazing point… most clients care about the content and nothing else. I had this problem a few times- As a designer I always say less is more ! look at high end retail stores compare to something like Wall mart… it drives me mad when a company wants a user to get lost in a page…and expects a high conversion rate

Mike M says:

Many clients see content as the main driver for SEO, that is why they often refuse to remove anything when doing re-design of their website. It makes the job really hard. Do you think it is possible to bring in SEO expert and do a session on SEO-friendly design? I think it is very important for real life projects and clients who get their sales from organic search results.

Stan de Wijs says:

Hey guys, awesome show again. Thanks!

In response to the content issue, I think both of you are right. In my experience when someone is looking to redesign their website they are usually talking about the look and feel of the site and probably never even thought about changing the content. However, in case I think something needs to be done with anything other than redesigning the general design of a website, even when the client didn’t mention it, I will bring it up anyway. Eventually the written part of a website or the placement of images accompanying a text is also part of the design.

What works well for me for redesign projects is reviewing the existing site together with the client during the first interview. Just a quick first observation to understand well what the client needs and how I would be able to help. In case I notice outdated, too little or too much content I’ll recommend to do something with it (rewrite, relocate, write more, etc.) which can be done by them or through me (I would hire someone for that).

What is important is that the client understands why you are talking about stuff they didn’t come to you for initially. You’ll have to make sure that you can explain (if needed with proof) why you recommend that.

Maybe they didn’t know or never gave it any thought, and besides that it creates trust and shows that you know what you’re talking about. Even if the wife wrote the awesome outdated, keywordless text, they are most likely grateful for the recommendation and probably act on it. This is what I learned along the way and works well in delivering a more complete service/product and probably happy visitors of their site :)

Eli S says:

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this channel. Such unique perspectives on tackling design. Definitely thought provoking shows.

Dominick Montgomery says:

I want to have coffee with you guys.

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