This Device Allows Cancer Patients To Keep Their Hair

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One side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss, but what if there was a way to avoid it?

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BNL07604 says:

How 'bout we just cure cancer? Hey! Wow!

Vesa Jyrkinen says:

This will be a short lived invention .Oncolytic virotherapy, will keep getting better and better, and soon kemotherapy will be absolete. My hopes ,at least.

Jay Seven says:

Once this really gets going the price will drop and more people will be able to use the cap

Kamo_Hero says:

Finally damn

RubberKid100 says:

this is old, a teacher of mine had this done 10+ years ago when she was dealing with breast cancer.

You guys really are full of shit.

Ryan Couture says:

But can it help regular baldness!?!

Spartanwarrior3 says:

Over $600 per treatment? Just goes to show how the medical field are the biggest scam artists of all time. Over charging for simple things just so big pharma and clinics can make as much off as you as possible.

Steve West says:

4:53 9 dislikes .. who would do such a thing ..

bloodandwinearered says:

I wore my bald chemo head with pride.  It is different for women.  Most men my age have no hair anyway.  I also however do not feel this should be covered.  Saving a person's life should be covered, but the baldness is only a side effect of the cure and is temporary.  Oddly for me, when my hair grew back in, it grew back in far thicker.  I had more hair after chemo than I had had since I was 25 years old.

Scarlett Carnahan says:

Homestly, I don't know what I'd do if I lost my hair. Throughout my entire life, my thigh-length hair has been the only aspect of my physical appearance I haven't hated. I'm so glad this exists- given my family history and shitty genetics, it's really only a matter of time before I get cancer, too.

MazdaBass971 says:

600 bucks for a freezer cap treatment to save your hair? wtf!

TheCrafting Criminals says:

I wish I would have known about this when my schools office attendant went through chemotherapy

MilitantAntiTheist says:

What if there are cancer cells lurking in their scalp?

Deep Trapasia says:

Who else feels like there head cold,lol I think it's just me.

psp785 says:

what about the vomiting and pain

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