The Zika virus, explained

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Why Zika was just declared a global health emergency.

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Three years ago, the Zika virus was nowhere to be found in the Western Hemisphere. To date, the largest outbreak occurred in French Polynesia in 2013 with 383 reported cases. But in 2015, Brazil suddenly found itself with an unprecedented Zika outbreak. More than a million people have been infected by the mosquito-transmitted—and potentially sexually transmitted disease.

The mosquito-borne virus doesn’t seem to harm most of its victims. But there’s increasing evidence that it can cause serious damage to the brains of fetuses and, in rare instances, devastating neurological problems in adults.

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Bayu Kurniawan says:

Ebola, and then Zica? Wow. . .

Esharido says:

Man made disease? These babies are basically just live masses of flesh, this is so sad.

MrIstiko says:

12 Monkeys army is rising

camaross says:

Oh……lets listen to the same experts that push dangerous vaccines as well….have you thought that maybe…… Just maybe this is a way to control the population?????

centaga says:

I live in northern Utah so It looks like I'm fine

mf' top madam Jimin says:

a million death is a statistic, a single death is a tragedy

Lianne Kniest says:

Really poor music choice, imo. Just listen to the last 30 seconds. How the heck does this support the content, if not diminish it.

Jalen Evans says:

Cant you just wear dryer sheets?

utterlyviolet says:

How will the anti-vaxxer groups respond if and when a vaccine is made for this virus, I wonder.

maymaylingling says:

poor babies :(

Rut Enheim says:

No more babies. Children of Men is happening.

shakezulla86 says:

So is the real threat by Zika to infants? It seems like no one is talking about the Zika virus what it does to adults who are infected. They just get a cold or something, but their unborn children are affected?

Dardan M says:

1 million infected? holy shit.. this is going to get out of control

DannySailor says:

See this is an example of how a zombie like virus will occur. Mother nature will eventually do it. Just like that one virus where it turns insects into zombies.

MrJewripper says:

could you possibly use a more monotone and boring narrator/voice over? geez she sounds so bland and… blegh

ArtificialPenguins says:

So the wellbeing of fetuses are taken into consideration now?

Ana Clara Espacini says:

And the sad part is, women aren't allowed to get safe abortions in cases like this & treatments and medicine for microcephaly is very very very expensive, so poor women are left with babies that will maybe live to one year old. It's just… All too sad.

Jonathon Hidalgo says:

Florida is Fucked

dipojones says:

Bill Gates Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation
Vaccines forced on pregnant women
GMO Mosquitoes

= Zika Virus epidemic.

George Rickard says:

Another reason why the Roman Catholic church's dogma on contraception is evil.

cookieskreme says:

at 0:14 the voiceover says "the Zika virus appears in BRAZIL for the first time" over a picture of Africa…?

Carson Balls says:

Republicans will use this as yet another excuse to end Planned Parenthood and continue to wage War on Women. Stupid Republicans.

J Park says:

Do these mosquitos live in New Zealand? Especially now during summer?

Anthony Capelle says:

Well this was just announced as a hoax. it was transmitted sexually, not from a mosquito. I don't blame Vox, just saying what's going on.

Rogue A.I. says:

Humanity should unite in order to eliminate all the mosquitoes in the world once and for all.

0ThePixalGamer0 says:

0:44 what a ugly abomination, it should be burned alive.

Mayheamk K says:

This woman voice is annoying as fuck!!!

Jayson Smith says:

The cause of Zika is the Rockefeller foundation, they patent it in 1947 as well. Here is the patent link. The reason is mass DE-population. Years ago conspiracy theorist were labeled as crazy, which is very dismissive. It is not sounding so crazy now huh?

Ryuuken24 says:

It's a gift from GOOOOD!!!!!

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