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The Unknown Cat

A quick look at a new cap gun design and a peek into how these ideas come into being.


noiwont youcantmakeme says:

why do you braze everything? is it just personal preferance or is there a benefit that i dont know about? i wou8ld think if you got a cheap flux core mig welder you could save money over time i know those gasses are expensive.

Luís Pita says:

Very interesting design. I make miniature guns. Check out my 1/5 scale Glock 17 video on my youtube channel.

ole skogeng says:

hey love your videos. id love to see you make a bolt action rifle

Gary P says:

i have a question for you cat, i live in California and was wondering if using 22 blanks to fire a muzzleloader like you do here would be legal, i know you make them so that it cant chamber or fire a regular 22 bullet so its not illegal but i was wondering if the same applies where i live

thinh tran says:

Không hiểu cho lắm ? 

jose manuel Polanco says:

hello friend am a faithful follower of all your videos.
I want to build a sten mk II
aver if I can help

bigbadlove says:

Cha ch Cha izzz
th thaaT yooo
Cha leeeeee?????

vipmd says:

Tools, time and money. 

Jesse Sisolack says:

Interesting trigger design. I see some use to that. I am going to save that in random designs of random stuff. Also, that little cap gun can be a rather good design for a black powder pistol. All you have to do is replace the .22 blank chamber with a nipple.

I have the single shot version of that little .410 shotgun pistol…thing. Good idea. The major problem with it is the safety is linked to the locking system so you must engage the safety before loading and unloading. I think they did this to prevent accidental slam fire when you slap the barrel closed. It makes the thing a pain in the ass to load. By making the hammer rebound in some way, you can then safely remove the plate that attaches the safety to the lock and that should work much better. Not sure off the top of my head how to make the hammer rebound though.

Nick Karathanasis says:

I have a Lianad. Is the issue that it's hard to open? It's the small plate on the side that holds the chamber locked and the safety bar. The plate hangs up on the safety bar. It won't allow it to open without the safety on. Just file away at the plate a bit to clear the bar. You can take quite a bit off, mine will now open safety on or off, doesn't effect safety of the gun. Just thought I'd share.

martK banjoboy says:

I love it. The unobstructed barrel tube reminds me of the legendary Newfie revolver. :p Thanks again. :-)

Param Foba says:

This is a cool concept. Might be able to use this same trigger configuration with a different hammer for a "real" pistol. It would make for a interesting double action setup. Reminds me a little bit of an engine with external push rods, cool because you can see how it works.

Josh Callejas says:

I'm super curious as to how the trigger's going to actuate that side mounted firing pin.

ChronosFIN says:

Awesome design! Thats something i could never come up with. But you did and it worcks like a charm :)

krromas1966 says:

correction there is no alignment issues when you weld the pipe in place then remove center section keep up the good work thank you for the education

Bill Payne says:

where can I find ammo for a 30-40 crag

Clayton Harper says:

Great work cat, I love these little cap guns you've made.

James White says:

That's as Slick as Goose Grease! Thanks Much!

Brnlandry says:

You are a brilliant man, thank you for sharing

sniping and hitting shots. says:

I've been on your channel for about five or six years now I remember you made videos about farming. The only thing that changed about you is your hair cut

Jeff Rodriguez says:

Very nice sir!

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