What is Nuclear Fallout? (Fallout Science)

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This video has been re-uploaded. A scientific inaccuracy was discovered that I had to fix. Also, as a note, although I say “detonated”, Chernobyl wasn’t a bomb. It was a nuclear power reactor in Ukraine that exploded causing the cores to melt.

In this Fallout science video we take a look at what radioactive nuclear fallout is from the game Fallout. This is, the science of Fallout. Hey I’m Mike and if you’ve played Fallout, you know how awesome it is to fight radioactive mutants in the nuclear wasteland. But how dangerous is the a nuclear wasteland? What is nuclear fallout? I hope you enjoy! (This video was independently produced with respect to the Vsauce Fallout video).

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Tone Shifter says:

I can't find the instrumental of that song :(

Vizual Healing says:

Water kills robots.

elemento1991 says:

Good video man, very thorough, informative, and well done. I'm sure this channel will be blowing up.

FoggyMist57 says:

So you do stuff like this which is really smart and stuff and then you do how bulletproof is master chief???

Kaleb Sweeten says:

Keep it up man! This is definitely going somewhere

Noah Frederick says:

If it didn't directly hit the ground where a underground bunker was, would it still affect the people in it?

Christopher King says:

the fallout only needs america and russia

Matthew Simbajon says:

one of the good reasons for radiation is it could power your pipboy and radiation king tv

BappyBum says:

Probably the Worst Thing Invented by Humans…. Come on! What's this for? Suiciding? Oh yeah! For Destroying the World and Mutating
People! Right?

spinoir rex says:

if the moon hit earth or mars hit earth

Moe Alobahi says:

how about hydrogen bombs


My body was prepared for new video, but it turns out that I enjoyed watching this one again anyway :)

David Moyer says:

Looks like you fixed the deathclaw mistake too.

Mike says:

Very nice video.

Micah Gibson says:

What's up with this SpacePak addition to your name?

isak borg says:

are you brother with Nick Bunyun?

THEZACK1299 says:

Your Videos Man are extremly Proffesional i have 7k subs i feel like i dont deserve them anymore

spinoir rex says:

can you do one on rwby

Chris walters says:

Make a video about space bending and what is would do

K.S.R.-TV says:

Love your Videos Mike
The cross from Science and Videogames is just awesome
Big Fan from Germany :D

linguini33 says:

I see you have started to put a notification that you are changing your name Into Space Pak. I will miss Mike Ridolfi 🙁 . Also, I liked Mike in HD or the classic, M T R 702

Edward Harris says:

I believe it is pronounced m-os-co-w

Luis Burgos says:

well we don't know if the other nations were nuked or not just says America and China thus being called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction

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