One week of oral chemotherapy (Temodar) for brain cancer

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My treatment for a Grade 2 Astrocytoma (brain tumor).

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This was filmed over a five-day period showing all the times I took pills. Pills include Temodar chemotherapy, nausea drugs, and anti-epileptic medication.

The song is called “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” by my friends The Silent Game. Like them on Facebook at:

I am still alive.


andy howden says:

I wanted some information not a music video.

madseasonls says:

CTFxC ftw kick it's ass Charles ❤️

Jaspal Dhillon says:

CTFxC FTW Charles you can do it.

beyoncefan2382 says:

came here because of ctfxc

nobrand says:

I'm doing IV chemo, and there are still so many pills. Awesome video– sums up chemo for me. Pills, smoothies and laying down.

johns1coolcat says:

thank you for the video.. I have the same tumor in my brain…your pills are more colorful than mine. ha ha… (was that funny?) your partner in cancererous growths…johnny, Portland, Oregon.

Delaypat says:

This needs to get more views!! Liz you are so brave, I would be bitching the whole time!!! You ROCK SO HARD!

RickyN29 says:

Thank you for showing this. I stumbled on your video looking into oral chemotherapy for my mom, grade III astrocytoma, my prayers are with you. You seem very strong, I am sure you will beat this.

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