Medical Cannabis Greenhouse System

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Located in the high desert in Central Oregon… J runs a medical greenhouse farm and he uses his own personalized system. Includes an 1800’s Hot Tub Black Kettle too but that is only a small part of the story. From one MacGiver to another it was fun checking out his system and how he deals with the extreme changes in heat during the days and cold temp. nights. Soil temp. is key in the high desert.


matt nolan says:

What brand of greenhouse?
Nice setup, very innovative.

Julian Radillo says:

Hindu Cookies

Masterkinghuis says:

I really like your greenhouse set. Where you can get that poyethlene greenhouse cover i want same one as you have. won't able to see thur outside to inside. I from Oregon too

frotttttttttttttttto says:


Drew Pearson says:

Dude. That is an amazing setup. I want that hot tub kettle!

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