How to Reverse Engineer Software and Create Keygen?

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Alfdis Alfrothul (Heikki) says:

can u upload a key for pinnacle gameprofiler please !!!

Tutu Joy says:

Am looking for hacker got a serious work please contact me

Teodora Godar says:

Does this work with any other software? How can i as total beginner know which codes are different with other software? Hope you understand. i am really interested to play with this. Not planing to become serious or to go pro :-)

I/O Activity says:

You know that's illegal, right?

ABCD Informatique - Valenciennes says:

could you provide links or names of software you used in the description ?

Icewave says:

dosent work to use the de4dot program i get A referral was returned from the server :/

Martin Brandl says:

Thanks Elias ! Great teaching talents. Very useful video :)

jason teh says:

For a non programmer person how are they going to know which code they need copy???

thetimbooXD says:

it doesn't work with emulator pro(smitshon martin).maybe you can help?

General Jack says:

hi i love u idea bravo

Conhecimento Preciso says:

Hey Elias, you can teach how crack AutoTWbot V4? Send me please teach me.

MCNgaming says:

I just want photoshop cs6 for free…

gorgeousdzastr says:

Very good explanation and dialog.

Sunil San says:

wifi password hack

skillfulactor09 says:

Cant you just use IDA or you have to use all these?

Nikola Dzonatan says:

Very good tutorial, thank you!

Sushil Kumar Singh says:

Can anyone help me in bypassing the activation key?

Odelaine Melo says:

Oh ! Man ! Very good its my first key din ..I`ve done, It`s works….

Urensoft says:

24:14 he copies an incomplete string yet it works anyway? i think he did some movie magic and went back to find his bug

Rahhem Muniru says:

there you are
it tooks me 5 hrs just to find you

yasir khan says:

hi bro
can you crack an application

lorenzo garcia says:

I want to just view the source code of "windows on-screen keyboard" app, I tried to use the the reflector decompiler but did not view any code, may be its protected by a themida,

what should i do?

Hexapanda Hexapanda says:

Its only for VBNet apps or c++ and java

Aeit says:

gonna try this … insta sub … need more

LFO Vir (U92) says:

Goood job

SweatBat says:

Could you make a keygen for one software please ?

John Wanjiku says:

This is awesome.
I wish there was more videos like this.

Soumya Roy says:

Useful Tutorial….Waiting for more

Theodis Butler says:

God bless you


pls tell all links of it

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