CNN Weed 3 Documentary 2015

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Dr Sanjay Gupta docu series on cannabis


James Hale says:

Dark chocolate is the "Gateway" drug to early addiction by getting a "Natural High" through stimulating Endorphins in the brain that mimic's THC ! F.D.A. approves Dark Chocolate it IS more hazardous due to "Obesity concerns'" and "Allergies" to chocolate who ever claims it to be a "Mind-altering" substance is out of their mind !

NovemberMooNyXx says:

This video saved my LIFE. Literally,

Silver Lake says:

And what's the difference between recreational and medical cannabis anyway? Its the same safe substance. In fact recreational use can be considered a form of medical use if someone is using it to ease social Anxiety or to relieve Stress. Stress is no good for the body or mind. Cannabis is better than using pills or alcohol for those reasons. We're not asking, we are demanding; NO MORE ARRESTS NOW!

Silver Lake says:

"I'm on record saying.. we should follow the science as opposed to ideology on this issue." So how much longer until our policy is based on reason instead of ideology?? Over regulation is not a form of legalization and not a solution. Just another form of failed prohibition. We need regulations that work with the people not against the people.

Dave S says:

Legalize baby~! USCG Disabled Vet, if it wasnt for the herbal remedies i would be one miserable prick lol Happy holidays to all!! =)

Luke Daniel Borel says:

what i meant to say is the dea should be closed.

Luke Daniel Borel says:

the dea will never come out to support marijuana. there is one agency that needs to be closed

Deb Darmstadt says:

I'm Deborah Coleman on Facebook

Deb Darmstadt says:

Cannabis saved my life. I have fibromyalgia. I'm pain free on cannabis. that never happened on pharmaceutical drugs.

nelson anguiano says:

you don't need science for common sense fml silly president

nelson anguiano says:

stacy gruber is a fox

Jake Long says:

The Feds clearly suck at growing outdoors. Geta daym Green House for control environment, you got all the money in the world do some research on growing marijuana correctly. I can probably grow better than you asswipe if i have the equipment.

donnerpartyallnight says:

I fully support the cannabis plant, not only for its use recreationally and medically, but also in industry. Hemp is the most diverse material we have, yet it is illegal. Madness.

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