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***(Now updated with English subtitles)***
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A software engineer’s frustration presented in the style of a scene from the movie ‘A Wednesday’. For all the lakhs of software engineers from India.

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Soumik Das says:

awesome works guys.. jst hv one qn, what is the background music (from 6:567:56). Is it from any movie or created by your group?

Ashwani Kumar says:

awesome man….very very good acting man….:)

Mostafa Saher says:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, the title is in English, why isn't the video too?

Kapil Sharma says:

Writer is fucking awesome,,,,n d way this guy delivering his dialogue is so much appreciatable,,,,dude you are great. . .

Naveen Saxena says:

maja agaya nice one

Ashutosh Maheshwari says:

Excellent script and acting … Jiyo Mere Yaar

manmath singh Charan says:


Shubham Sharma says:

epic vid! hats off guys

Harsimran Singh says:

Awesome one
Good work bhai log
keep it up

Rifat DM says:

The formula for subscription:
Great script + mind blowing acting = Subscribtion added
Mind blowing work in every single aspect.
One of the best actor on youtube…hatsoff to you..!!!

Deepak Pote says:

Nice small story of oracle certified student!!!!

Sandeep Pawar says:

Not able to hear voice of employee?????

Nitish Tiwary says:

very good….nicely scripted.

Pranjal Bikash Das says:

Whole heartedly liked it

santosh phaphagire says:

Realy nice one

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