2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup: NFL Panel

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On opening day of the 2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup, a group of former NFL players hosted a panel called “How Cannabis Will Save the NFL.” One of the speakers was former running back Ricky Williams.

In this clip, Ricky discusses his thoughts on accepted treatment and cannabis in the NFL.


Puff Master Del Funky says:

I love watching football while medicated. its alot more interesting

Munchies Man says:

is there any way to see this full pannel. iv been playing football for years and hearing what they have to say is something im really interested in?

CaneFan25 says:

The media portrayed Ricky in a very negative fashion throughout his career……a heisman winner a and a badass. Ricky should be speaking out more and more about this issue, especially regarding all the concussions/cte damage to the players.

Ricky Abarca says:

The NFL shouldnt even ban the use of medicinal cannabis in the first place

Joe Wall II says:

good to hear ricky speak out

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