Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536 vs Windows Phone 8.1: Speed Comparison

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The Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536 is still an unfinished product, though it is nice to see some direct comparisons between the current smartphone OS from Microsoft and the future Windows 10 Mobile.
Therefore we have done a quick speed comparison between the tow operating system to show you the progress Microsoft has made with the latest build the company has published for Windows Insiders. The operating system can now be used as a daily driver, at least on high end devices and if you can live with some bugs here and there which are not influencing the stability but might have some impact on your workflow with the device. We did this we previous build and we will continue to compare until the final build arrives. This is all about the progress it is making.

Feel free to drop us a comment below with your opinion on the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview and have a look at our website ( for more details.


George David says:

when you loaded the first time the page on the windows 10 phone.. the page got cached.. so the speed difference in the way you test it is not relevant.

Michael B says:

Good information but so boooorrrriiiinnngggggg

Christien Wills says:

Hey what's the picture on your home screen? It's cool. Where's it from

Amr Tawakol says:

man why you sound like you being held hostage to make the video

kieran mulvaney says:

i have Nokia Lumia 930, debateing whether or not to use insider preview. i only have my main device, should i update ?

parazels83 says:

Very good comparison. I like both versions but I have to admit the W10M looks a bit messy sometimes. The new music app and multitasking mode for example.

Ch'ng SeaneUU says:

10536 bricked my 1520, sent to repair.

zaur1703 says:

Amazing comparison.thanks.but please make the voice more interesting and live

zaur1703 says:

Office is free for phones but only if u save the doc on phone storagee

000000000000 says:

On windows 10, can you change the notification center to blured? like you can on windows 10 for laptops

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