WARNING! UFO Sightings ALIEN STALKS L.A. APARTMENT!!? Citizens Call IN 2016!!

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UFO Sightings ALIEN STALKS L.A. APARTMENT!!? Citizens Call IN 2016!! Thirdphaseofmoon is looking for the best UFO footage Shot by People Like you from Around The World! Upload your ufo Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! cousinsbrothersproductions@gmail.com Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

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Pearl Johnson says:

I have a question about these red lights…has anyone else seen them move and form a chevron shaped larger craft? Larger like 2 football fields wide? Incident occured in 2013/2014 I believe. I reported it as well as a few others from San Pedro and somewhere North where it was said to originate from before moving south towards San Pedro.

Ericka Pittman says:

lol @ seeingatruth I'm right with you, light on full beam lol………………..

DLuX says:

Ph 'nglui mglw 'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah 'nagl fhtagn

Trunks800 says:

Some guy on YouTube had a similar experience just like the guy being hunted by invisible aliens. It all started when he stop his truck at a closed gas station in the desert at night and he saw a UFO in the far distance. He got out of his truck and flashed a flashlight at it and the UFO came close to his truck and he hide behind or inside of a shed while the UFO was above him like 100 or 200 feet up in the air. He captured the images, but was very blurry and he was scared and did not have time to focus his camera. Later during the week, he notice his house became hunted and he think the aliens keeping a watch on him. He also had video a mist coming out of his mouth while he was taking about his encounter of a UFO and he think it is the aliens causing it. He told me he can see the UFO sighting once a year for that particular month. I will ask him if he see any UFO lately.

So it not a good idea to flash a light at a UFO or else your house will be hunted.

IKS (Real History) - Fridays 10AM says:

very interesting :)

davisking100 says:

thats not what the CIA said they realesed doc on past investigations some where explained some where not..theres your disclosure folks why would a CIA take the time to post that of all things.

Pete Z Z says:

too much Crystal. meth

Pete Z Z says:

smoke crystal. you'll see some shit

Pete Z Z says:

there all over watching us. !! "they live"folks

d pooty says:

let your guests talk damn, you dont need to talk over any of the witnesses its their story anyway

darcy mimetz says:

I could never stay alone if this kind of activity was going on in my home… and sleep!?? forget abt it. I would b terrified to wake up and see one of them lil fuckers standing over me!
lol Brent you need to update that music… come on man, get with the times. Hhhhhhhhhhhh! lol
iiii"m just playin'.. I like it,,, it's cool

intrepidgator says:

Is the callers ex-wife a Bible believing follower of Christ i wonder, being that he stated it does not happen when she is around; this would be in line with most reports.

Kelly L says:

Parents shouldn't dismiss what their child sees because that creates doubts its awful for the child and that's why they don't speak out about what they experience or see for the sake of no one believes .

Kelly L says:

When your searching for this stuff when your watching this stuff your opening yourself up to phenomenon , because this has happened to me since I've started with this channel and various others and stuff on the elite , illuminati , and chem trails etc , stuff has happened , like orbs, seen stuff in sky , I've had galactic ascension syndrome , it's creepy but I don't have stuff on camera because I'm never quick enough to capture

Esmeralda Fenwick says:

I saw a huge one in montreal in 1995 ,a huge orange ball ,hundreds of witnesses on the 10 off the champlain bridge on a night of the fireworks , I even stopped and asked the QPP standing around if they saw what we saw and they said yes!! never reported on the news !! it went up the river towards the fireworks .

Angelica Wilson says:

I had the same experiences in an apartment in Gardena, California. In the 1976 until 1982. I lived in a two story apartment in Gardena, California. These strange things used to appear in my apartment. I could not see them clearly and this sounds like the same place where I used to live. I do not know for sure. But I felt I had to move to save my mind and my children experienced them too.

Christy says:

Something popped up that was interesting …

Opened eyes says:

Do not fear them this is what they want u to do is to make them look hostile. And post it on here to fear others. But the truth will awakin you if you look into all of what the direct energy weapons can do. You will be amazed. And that's what our world leaders been using it on targeted individuals. This all points out that nobody is skitzophranic they just wanted to discredit people that knew to much things to cover up their track s

Opened eyes says:

What's funny is they never projected the whole body only the faces on my pics and videos. Until I realized that and said i ain't fool cuz there's no body and the images look so fake like a artist drawn them. So I knew they were gonna correct it to deceive many other people with the full body.They monitor TI's on a daily basis with rf bugs and hidden cameras when they ain't present. I've been hacked by the illuminati and they will do anything to stop you from exposing them. By stealing data or crashing your PC . I've been wanting to get a video up but they already deleted 3 videos I uploaded on my channel. And with my home network being hacked by them I can't use any PC in it cuz they will crash any I connect to it. This is the governments fake alien invasion but will seem to real with them using the invisibility and energy weapons. This is why when people say when they get abducted that they will be temporarily paralyzed then levitated through the roof or window. Robots don't have the ability to telepathy and do what I mentioned. This is the real reason why they told us back then that aliens ain't real after the 1947 crash but first said they were real. Then changed it. For what reason. They wasn't ready to pull the fake alien invasion also how could aliens exist if they said it was their UFO they created. I've been targeted to long and knew that they were gonna pull this this year. Saying their real before I got to upload my video. We been deceived throughout all of our lives by our world leaders. I've done a lot of research and some experiences and abilities to prove that even if you were abducted that you may have experienced them to. Check out exposing secret files on here for more info. They reuploaded the 3 videos on that users channel and misspelled a couple words in a couple titles of the videos and now been redirecting people away from the truth of their evil plans to manipulate and mind control and much more.

Opened eyes says:

This is been happening to me since 2013. I tried to contact u about this but you never replied like you are a double agent just trying to mislead people. This is nothin but fake aliens that are being projected with infared holographic imagesthrough the camera. I have thousands of pics to prove it. This is how they want people to inflict panic on another by posting these pics onLine. So there project blue beam fake alien invasion seems real.The illuminati and CIA haves invisibility technogy to hide while they fake this and use direct energy weapons on people to make it feel tangible. Trust me they already rudely waken me up with their weapon. Your a ti if this is happening to you.. If you never heard of what the CIA does to ti's then you must do some research about what foul stuff they do to a TI on a daily basis. You possibly may been targeted since you were a kid. Like me! Abductions with fake grey aliens that are robots.

Entity 303 says:

video starts at 00:00 your welcoming

carlton spencer says:

his one for you im from uk coventry westmidlands.we have lot ufos spoted mother ships. large as house then loud noses for real


This is a whole lot of mumbo jumbo these videos are becoming a waste of time to watch now.

Christopher Peel says:

aliens and ufos are real. thirdphaseofthemoon is fucking bullshit altered footage. foh!

All things Weird says:

I would like for third phase of moon to share my videos on my YouTube page I have amazing videos of spirits UFO

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