Top 10 upcoming Smartphones 2016

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Terenz Balesoro says:

amazing smartphone … i like it…

Diana Duran says:

oohh quiero él Lumia 940 XL

Dev Patel says:

The Galaxy Note 5 definitely doesn't look like that, that was ugly except the 3rd photo

Lord Lennart Yt says:

seit ihr dumm das Sony xperia z5 gibt es schon

Halil aktaş says:

lan siktirin gidin

minecraft boss261 says:

dumb fuck one plus two already is out that's what I'm using right ducking now

Mujahid Ali says:

I have the oneplus 2 it came out close to the end of 2015

Leonardo Davila says:

what about google nexus

Alvin Op says:

my b day yesterday

Blue Monkey says:

28MP screen!?! Is this a phone or a fucking satellite?

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