Play along serie 02 – Bereden väg för herran (C)

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A minor rhythm section for you or me to play and sing oneway with. This is one of the songs in “Play along serie 02”, recorded the 31:th of May 2012. In english: It’s alright to play along to the music. If you want to play without it, you can just turn the speakers off or lower the volume.

About the tune:
Swedish hymn 103 (svensk psalm 103, en adventssång) by F M Franzén. C major, 2 choruses.

This title is recorded and released by De Tre Bråkarna Buse (Håkan-Dicken-Martin) on the wheel album “Ritsch Ratsch Filibom bom bom.

/Dicken Hedrenius, trombonist


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