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Bruce Illingworth says:

i live next to rangitoto island and its a light been placed in volcano!!!

Neko Chan says:

This is so fucking fake I saw this pic of light somewhere else befor its photto shooed

dreamtheself2 says:

HI guys. I live here and see this view every day on the way too work. we are looking out from Auckland city over to Rang_-to-to ISLAND that is a volcano. there is no buildings just water all around. this thing is huge. no ship no light could be this big at this distance. we believe what we dream

Ian Mcildoon says:

I have some lights in my backyard and even some inside my house if you want me to send some pictures to you.take this shit down its a spotlight you morons.

Katie maze says:

Since when do hotels do new tech beams from the ground? gtfoh……..this isnt anywhere else but here……….Anonymous? OMG youre reaching far

Teresa Pilkington says:

This was in the local news paper here in New Zealand, it will be interesting to see if there is any activity, as this volcano has been asleep for many decades….. NO! This was NOT a spot light, this was nothing seen before, it has been happening on other volcanoes worldwide as well. Not only that but as the rest of the world, there is mass sightings, we see them here every single clear night! The most important question being, why, why are they all here!

philby74 says:

It's an art installation. I watched it from my lounge window.

Late says:

Im From New Zealand , This is not a UFO lol this is a light stage setup for a cultural event

Ron Judd says:

wot is this RUBBISH..i live near rangitoto volcano where this is coming from..its a spotlite put on it to celebrate auckland anerversary ekend..

Dave Chen says:

its light going up not down.
the glow is from the beam illuminating the clods above.
you guys are discrediting the phenomenon I desperately want to beleive in.

Kevin Dunne says:

Cool lookin rave

Rev. H.P Orion Silverstar says:

Most definitely interesting footage here.

Angel Vela says:

OMG. THIS WAS THE CONCERT I was there. They had a light to make the Sky glow for light. Come the fuck on. This page or group is on drugs.

Sam Tucker says:

My sister lives there and she said if something like this happened it would be herd of . Stop putting fake shit up . It's garbage… do your research 

rob t says:

If it were 'shooting-down' it would light up the top of the cloud and not the bottom of the cloud as you can see it is doing

rob t says:

It's an Art Installation using a search-light you friggin morons…. Jeeze… I live in Auckland… You guys have been PUNK'D – Do your research!

Ben Breeg says:

The answer grasshopper is: Reality is stranger than fiction.

Roger Limoseth says:

it's obviously a beam shooting up or else the clouds wouldn't be illuminated.. we have fairs that produce similar effects.. I'll post some this summer..

Raine Carosin says:

Hiya! Remember me? I sent in 'strange beam' a couple of years ago and it's still a weird-out for me. Some people accused me of photoshopping the pic, but nope, didn't do that… Looking forward to seeing what comes of this one! :-}}} Best wishes to all!

tindog says:

LOL Greetings from New Zealand….now you all know we exist, and we are NOT Aliens

Otto Nomicus says:

Not realizing that focusing several light beams on one spot in a layer of clouds would cause a massive energy effect, a simple art display led to the discovery of cloud fluorescence.

James Cougan says:

rayray.rgcu.Gmail Oliver says:

seems from the ground up??

Minas Patrikios says:

you have the explanation and proof of what this is…. why keep the vid up?

duvalian says:

I wish you guys would do some research before sensationalising a pile of shit !

Numb Shark says:

LOL I actually saw this from my backyard


It's Project Blue Beam


you said it shooting down lol!! Its a spot light shooting up into clouds!! lmfao

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