Low Risk ES Futures Day Trading Strategy | Live Futures Trade

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http://directiontrader.com This is a clip of a live futures trade in the es futures market. I run a live day trading room that focuses on trading the futures markets in the morning trading session.

If you are interested in learning by watching me day trade live, take a trial of my trading room at http://directiontrader.com


Giggidygiggidy12 says:

Unless he stated it was a live trade which I didn't hear, not sure why the trolls are coming out to bash a video, if you want to verify then sign up for a trial to his room and see if it fits your style of trading and you can validate the strategy for yourself instead of hurling insults at people.

Jason K says:

This is a simulator account not real money. When it hits your price you are not getting filled when there are 1000 contracts ahead of you. These fills were instantly filled in front of 1000 other contracts the second the price was hit.

Daniel B says:

This is TOS SIM  account man.

何 微笑 says:

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