CIA Release Hundreds of TOP SECRET UFO “X-Files”

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The truth is out there – the CIA is offering a peek into its ‘X-files,’ shining a spotlight on a series of once-classified UFO documents.

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paul boon says:

they have thrown us a few crumbs what is more important is the files they have not released will not release maybe dare not release

Somebody Produce My Music says:

The common description of an 'alien' has extremely human-like features. It would have had to develop here on earth.

World+Savior says:

I can feel Borus coming soon

Logical Fantasy says:

The government already announced that aliens have been visiting our planet a while ago. Several countries have even released many of their files on them.

foxpwns2 says:

CIA: we are not saying there UFO's but here are a bunch of pictures of UFO's… No Idea what they are… of course they know

Glitter says:

would be better without the fag jap running his mouth

F Maz says:

Thoses documents are just transcription of civilian statements, not conclusion of any investigation from the CIA.

Fco M says:

this is not new, they released many files before, i remember one about a periodic table of elements received from another planet.

Hercules Rockefeller says:

So where's everybody at?

cruciferousvegetable says:

Some of them are us traveling back in time to observe and take samples of ourselves from the tipping point at which we wiped out the human race with GMOs, CO2 emissions, corporatist extraction mentality and thermonuclear war.

Kayson Lalla says:

dude u should do some more urban legends and p.s. u look tired

NavaIMTutorial says:

You know what? This universe has to much mystery.. I'm sick of it!

modernwarrior24 says:

why does everyone atomically assume aliens are more intelligent and more advanced then humans? Maybe there are aliens who are inferior. Like I don't that act like cows or dogs…or something.

tactical fatty (MATTYBOY) says:

i think you'll find they did this to have a bit of fun. like google and the christmas time santa tracker. interesting though to say the least though.

Rayan Husein says:

Humans are the dumbest species I have encountered

schizoidboy says:

I remember an episode of Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World and at the end of this episode he talked about a friend of his who became head of an intelligence agency and they told him that when it came to UFOs they had no idea what they were. I forget exactly what he said but it was not something someone looking for a conspiracy might find satisfying. They're as clueless as the rest of us.

Noelle Pereira says:

I love that SAO poster you have there. It's one of my favorite animes ^__^ Someday I hope your videos get longer I really enjoy watching your videos because they are educational.

Damu Bernard says:

Enoch been telling us about them even their names.. so the CIA finally confirmed the Book of Enoch was right about everything.. no one can see the future but Enoch did because God gave him the vision just see everything in the future and reveal in the book 100000 years before the upcoming of the sons of men. remember God chose the Son of man not any of his sons believers need to get that right every sons of God fall away from his kingdom are no longer sons of God anymore. so they came here and create their will because all he's falling sons wanted everything that he created… I was just like Enoch I saw the vision too God bless

fuzzytigercat says:

They're releasing it now because of all the whistle blowers who are disclosing the stuff to the public anyway, so in order to stay ahead of the story and spin it the way they want so they won't look like the bad guys, the CIA files have become public. It has nothing to do with X-Files other than the fact that X-Files just disclosed it in the form of a TV show. If you've watched or listened to Project Camelot interviews with whistle blowers or David Wilcock interviews or lectures, David said there's a race to disclose info because aliens will be revealing themselves to the public. A lot of the aliens look just like us, so you wouldn't even know they were aliens unless they said something odd or did something we can't do yet.

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