What Does Chemotherapy Actually Do To Your Body?

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Chemotherapy, while effective at treating many types of cancers, can cause hair loss and fatigue. So, what does it do to the body?
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P Sander says:

Population control is a nasty business.

Huachuma says:

Baking soda, mistletoe and vegan diet cure cancer. Stop taking poisons

Pammu tiwari says:



I'm a three time cancer survivor had to take chemo twice the third time just tomoxifen.. it's still a factor in my life cause I have a mutation in my BRACA2 gene.. I used to ache all day and no energy to do anything but bathe… I pray for all that have to go through this ugly disease!! God bless you!!

Ashley Reinhardt says:

I heard there was a person who invented a special hat for cancer patients to prevent hair loss. Is it true?

Ken Behrendt says:

When one uses chemo to treat cancer, he's basically hoping that it kills the cancer before it kills him! The solution to this, obviously, is to find highly specific chemo drugs that only go after the cancer cells and ignore the normal cells. There is some progress being made with this, but it's still far from the average treatment a cancer patient getting chemo will get.

A few years ago there was a product I recall seeing advertised. It was a specially prepared mineral known as a "zeolite" which was producted by a company in Florida. I think it was called "Natural Cellular Defense" and it was a water solution of the mineral that one could add a few drops of to any beverage or even take under his tongue. It was originally sold to help remove toxic heavy metals from the body, but it was discovered that when added to cancer cells in a Petri dish, it killed them 100% and the company got a US patent on their process for activating the zeolite molecules used! Apparently, if worked by causing only cancer cells to re-activate their apoptosis or self-destruct mechanism in the event that they turned cancerous. It had no effect no normal non-cancerous cells.

The company did a "in house" trial of their product with 65 cancer patients who only had one thing in common: each was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer and given less than 6 weeks to live. They had tried other forms of treatment without success and, obviously, had rather aggressive cancers. They all then used the product as directed which required, IIRC, they take 20 or more drops per day. What happened? Turned out that 14 months later something like 85% of the patients were still alive and either cancer free or in remission! The product was cheap compared to chemo drugs, non-toxic, and had no serious side effects other than some of the users complained it dried out their mouths a bit. I think there was some sort of effort by "Big Pharma" to suppress this discovery and I have not seen it advertised for cancer anymore. However, if I had cancer, I think I would seriously look into it if the "standard" chemo treatments proved useless or intolerable. And, of course, whenever cancer is involved, the sooner it is treated, usually, the better the outcome.

theyoungpatriot says:

fuck chemo, it was made by the nazies to kill jews, its made to kill ppl and they tell you that is safe, that is bullshit, cancer dont get to grow unless your immunesystem is weak or you are sick, so why would you then kill all your cells including the healthy ones, you need your healthy ones in the best condition you can get them, so please ppl us cannabis oil with high amounts of cbd and stop eating food and snacks with sugar and high fructose corn sirup, this way you are strengthening your system, killing the cancer and cutting out the food that feeds cancer cells.

vince snetterton says:

cancer cure, hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

fitztastico says:

Milk thistle has shown some promise alleviating the side affects of chemo if taken before each treatment.

Rio F. says:

I'm someone who fought cancer. interestingly right after I got my prevnar vaccine. went thru surgery and going thru radiation. now my aunt who has MS is sick and has… you guessed it.. pneumonia

Jake Stoepker says:

I had cancer when I was younger and I didn't know Chemo was a poison until halfway through my treatment

Ankit Rochani says:

This a nice video to show the side effects of chemotherapy. However, it is a generalised video.
Cancer discussion forums shows that people are unaware about the type of cancer drugs being selected for a specific cancer type. Further, there is a confusion about the side effects and other clinical conditions that are being faced by them. In this context following link provides an extensive list of drugs and related side effects for most common cancer types.


mazicu says:

Fuck youuu, a question, do you know anybody that survived cemotherapy?? Anyone? Offcourse not, it kills people, deal with it! And distrust everybody who says diferently, like this bloodsucking vampire, who doesnt know anything about chemo!

Sandy359WW says:

I'm 15 and I'm CONSTANTLY scared of getting cancer at young ages like 20's and 30's.. I wanna experience life fully 🙁 but I got bad luck though. Also, why is cannabis oil so hated..? If we opened our eyes and gave it one chance I'm sure everyone would be wondering why the fuck we waited so long. (Btw I'm not smoking cannabis or anything, but I am fascinated by some of it's health benefits)

Cheesus Christ says:

Cannabis can help.

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