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Sub for more: | According to the head of NATO’s StratCom, Sweden should work toward joining NATO

Sputnik reports, Sweden should work toward joining NATO in the light of the increased tensions with Russia, the head of the alliance’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (StratCom) said Thursday.

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Friendly Canadian says:

join russia

Friendly Canadian says:

stay away from nato

Frabbledabble says:

That war will NEVER happen…

Nobody wants russia, they have nothing we need, and If you think about it, there is nothing outside russia the russians cant live without.

Nothing they cant aqquire through the same trading we have all done with them for 1000+ years.

Sure they like to snatch land from poor ex-soviet left-over states, but no nato trooper is going to put his ass on the line for some obscure pile of rubble next to russia…
And no western leader is going to ask him to…

This sort of posturing is NORMAL, going back to ancient times.
It just hasnt been the focus of internet users these last years, becasue we've had our focus on the muslims.

peterb37 says:

Sweden should tell them to stuff it !!

Claudio Cadalço says:

i think this stand up should be solved by Russia sending killers to kill all oligarchs (rockfellers, rothschild. and others) … a clock time… x time… kill all fuckers… and we will have peace without these mfuckers

Claudio Cadalço says:

Sweden should go along with Russia… NATO is a ship that is sinking

Kirisute Gomen says:

Wow really. I don't think they would do this, it doesn't seem to be in their interest. Currently they can hold good relations with both Russia and the EU. There's no point to it. Unless you really believe in the Russian boogyman.

Marie Devine says:

NATO takes over government authority and confuses problem solving.
Warning for all nations: Read Yahweh's history in the Bible.
God is against nations joining together for protection and control etc.

He frustrates, confuses and destroys their plans
(USA, G-8, G-20, UN, EU, NATO, Quartet, and all)
(II Chronicles 16:7-12; 19:2, 20:35-37; Leviticus 26, Isaiah 8:9-14;30:1-7; Psalm 1 and 2)

What we call terrorist organizations have a main goal of keeping western ideas out of their nations. People (US, NATO, UN) came into their Muslim nations to bring in open homosexuality and abortion, etc. as human rights, things against God's law and wisdom, WE SHOULD have fought harder against it; when WE fight against it now, what does our own government call us? ISIS etc. does not have to tear us down; our own ways are being rewarded with destructive storms, disease and oppression.

Nations have rejected God in government; and only wanting YAHWEH-God of Israel to rule with the law for government of the promised land can save us. Let YAHWEH be our US presidential candidate for people, so accept the Kingdom of God or not; God will give us a sure candidate-representative. WE should lead the nations to withdraw from the United Nations and NATO.

Marisa Aguilera says:

Nato warmongering zionists

Nik wassiliew says:

Aloha…Gary they are Not In…have signed No do not have to follow NATO orders when they are Given..Correct? thanks for reading and aloha

summer20105707 says:

I wouldn't do it Sweden unless you're prepared to call ISIS loving Turkey an ally.

Fernando Ferreira says:

We all know how it will end if NATO continue with this belligerent behavior, Russia will advance on Europe once again and will rebuild the Berlin wall…

Lonnie Gibson says:

the plan of NATO is to
1- financialy isolate Russia by crippling their oil industry.
2- militarily isolate Russia by surrounding them with bases and trying to take ukrane for the Crimean naval port. and last demonize Putin and Russia with cold war rhetoric controlled media propaganda. the big picture eventual one world government.

parker374 says:

Swedish men have become so Emasculated I would not trust them to have my back.

Rebwar Khalid says:

Nato terrorism

Angel Santiago says:

But, but, but Russian aggression……

RebornThroughHate says:

It'll be hilarious when US/NATO start WW3, and Russia/China kick our ass.

Joshua Sundberg says:

If they join Nato and ww3 goes down they will just be another target for Russia which probably wasn't before..

LibertyFreedom ForAll says:

NATO = Talmudic, usury, Rothchild Zionist world bankers army = pure satanic evil hell bent on destruction.

Courtney Spears says:

they all need to hug it out and maybe sharing a doobie, it helps

jjpayne61 says:

Not a good idea ….

worddunlap says:

Sweden needs to worry about the rapey Muslims invading their country.

BlackSmith says:

C´moon Carl XVI Gustaf, it would be dumbest thing to do.

USA_83 says:

Russia has been happy with Finland & Sweden because they've never joined NATO. This is good for Norway too because Finland is a geographical buffer that sort of protects Norway from Russia.  It's smart for Finland to never join NATO. Currently Russia feels threatened by NATO(there's a continual buildup of NATO troops & U.S. heavy military equipment all along Russia's border).  Finland, Sweden & Norway all import Russian products(oil, natural gas, etc). And since Sweden & Finland have never joined Russia's enemy NATO, this area is safe from Russia(Russia has enough shit going on without stirring up shit with neutral, friendly countries). Scandinavia is probably one of the best areas of the world in which to be safe from Russia.   But the same EU people who brought the refugees into Europe are probably pressuring Finland & Sweden to join NATO.    Finland will NEVER join NATO.     The EU people, Bilderbergs, etc are instigators. Everything was fine until Turkey provoked Putin.    Look what I found on Youtube!(Gary, this is especially for you. You'll appreciate this). On Youtube type "Hungarian Top Economist: Goal of"'Refugee" Invasion is civil war in Europe and new World War.' At the beginning of the video the guy is talking about 'the Bilderbergs'(& he's actually addressing them). And he describes the Bilderberg Group as 'the shadowy background power.'  The refugee invasion has been financed by Soros & the Bilderbergs. And Britain's Prime Minister is one of 'the shadowy background powers'(we've all heard that there are about 8 men who are Bilderbergs but who don't attend the meetings. This explains why the British Prime Minister wants to ban Trump from Britain. The Prime Minister of Britain is a Bilderberg. He's one of the enemy. He's one of the New World Order).  This is a find. Watch this video!!!

frejdan says:

Sverige ska inte med i nato, No to NATO. YES to SOURCE, end all institutions, yes to real freedom, go.

The_dude says:

notice the upside down cross

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