Joining the Cheerful Crochet Flower Crochet Geek

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How to make Crochet Fun DIY projects for the family, gift giving and winter and summer hobby to keep kids entertained during school breaks.

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Bonnie Konjevich says:

LOVE IT DE-MYSTIFIED! so one can create their own runner, shawl, shrug, or whatever.
YOUR MOTIFS ARE VERY CUTE too, thank you.  Blessings, BK

Eirin V says:

Darn it! I wish I had seen this before I made all my cheerful crochet flowers. Now I have over 20 flowers in different colors, and none of them are attached to each other..
Any tips on how to stitch them together?

Charlotte Baron says:

Do you have a printable diagram for the second joining method at all?? Getting myself all jumbled but want to make a complete afghan. Thanks

Crochet Geek says:

How to join the cheerful #crochet  flower together.  This will also help with joining other types of motifs together similar to this flower.

Crochet Geek says:

Attach them to each other or to a scarf or hat?

Sarah DeJaynes says:

i love all your work!! can you do a video on how to attach the butterflies??? :):):):)

Brandy Schrock says:

I love this flower and want to make a blanket with it. Could you please do a video on how to place it in a granny square.

TheVickwhy says:

Did you ever show your progress for this? I'd love to see how it turned out. 🙂

Ashton Butler says:


Yes you can sew them together either by thread and needle or by crochet yarn and hook, your choice.

Crochet Geek says:

@5hildamaria This video is showing how to put them together. It gives a few options.

Hilda Acosta says:

@lshimola09 I have the same question. I have already 35 flowers and I want to put them together, how can I do it?

lshimola09 says:

Is there a way to attach the flowers without crocheting them together? Like could i sew them together?

Crochet Geek says:

@sobeautiful40 I appreciate the comment, thank you.

sweetpotato muffin says:

so beautiful i love all ur videos keep up the great work i love how u let a person that want to make with u understand thanx

Joanne Sears says:

Thanks for replying to my question on the needle grips…I will go get some….my hands get so cramped that I have to stop for awhile….thanks alot….I love your flowers….

Crochet Geek says:

@chilili441 They are pencil grips called gel grips. I get mine from Wal-mart in the office supply section. You can find places online that have similar grips.

Joanne Sears says:

Oh please tell me where you got you covers for your crochet needles….They don't have anything like that in my area, Annapolis, Maryland…..I don't mind e-mailing for them….

imeneperdido says:

wonderful work

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