How to make Crochet Lace Motif – Joining Together

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How to make Crochet Lace Motif – Joining Together. Fun DIY projects for the family, gift giving and winter and summer hobby to keep kids entertained during school breaks.

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Jenniferbg1 says:

Teresa thanks  so much  …..I speak little English but understand perfect your video

Maria Elvira Messina says:

Sorry to post a negative review, but the video is too fast and I see only the hands, but not where the hook enters the stitches. Terrible video

Linda Forsyth says:

where do I get the written pattern of the lacy motif and joining.  thank you

Sanaa William says:

not good , pictures does not show for beginners, 

Jennifer Bolton says:

This is a terrible video.

SNBCwebmaster says:

Finally, I got it. I read the instructions on how to create a motif. It says at the very beginning – "each motif is joined together at the chain 2 as you are creating round 6." The video clip looks like you are joining two COMPLETED motifs. It finally clicked that you begin joining as you complete the last two petals in round 6. If that's not correct, it looks okay anyway. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

SNBCwebmaster says:

I had no problem completing the two motifs. It's joining them that I'm having a problem. I want to make a table runner for my friend. It would perhaps be helpful if your video showed the joining of two motifs in two different colors, That way it would be clear in which motif you are working. 🙂 Thanks, I think the motifs are beautiful.

Crochet Geek says:

The drop stitch is worked on the motif, which is a separate technique from joining. I have sent you the playlist for the beginner crochet stitches.

SNBCwebmaster says:

I can't tell when you're working with one motif and when you're working with two motifs.
where is the drop stitch? In both motifs or just one? (doesn't work with two).

SNBCwebmaster says:

Teresa: I too am having trouble following your tutorial on joining. It is confusing when you say at the very beginning "Last round at each center point" . According to your instructions, the last round ends at CH2. So do you mean to then, after CH2, to SL ST to center point? Are you working with only 1 motif at this point? At what point do you connect to second motif? Thanks for your help. I'm a newbie and need Idiot 101 instructions.

Crochet Geek says:

I am happy for you. Keep up the good work

Valentine Fernandes says:

m feeling soo happy.. my 1st PROPER motif… thanx to u

amrita nair says:

Hello Teresa,

I am having trouble with the joining part as well.
I follow so far.

– after finishing 6th round,do 1 chain and slip stich onto next motif (the one you want to join)
– than you say do 4 double crochet. on which motif the one i slip stich into?
Also do i finish round 6 completely. Will you be able to show this a little more clearly please.

Crochet Geek says:

What part is not making sense?

Sharon Ford says:

Theresa Hi. I am having some trouble following you. joining the motifs together came you help me thanks

Sharon Ford says:

YES I will agree you are a very good TEACHER.

Crochet Geek says:

You are welcome. Wishing you much continued success with crochet.

Sharon Ford says:

Thanks' Teresa this motifs was a joy to make with your hands on instruction…..

Crochet Geek says:

You can purchase it from Herrschners online. If you have a local Wamart, they may carry the thread or your local craft store.

Nazy Dewanna says:

Hi Teresa, where can i get the kind of yarn, u are using? i live in Canada.

Crochet Geek says:

@StarySky925 I do have a nice size doily planned here in the next few weeks.

StarySky925 says:

PLEASE OH PLEASE do more doilies and lace!!! It would help us all out SO much! You make it so easy to understand and accomplish, I've made 12 of your projects to date!

StarySky925 says:

oh my goodness, what playlist was this under???

Shab Ice says:

thank u so much i was looking for something like this for a table cloth.. im so happy i came across this video .. pls post some more thread motifs like these easy simple ideas to make a tablecloth … love u for this

laspilly says:

Unfortunately this video is not very clear… Maybe you could re-record it since this motif is becoming so popular?

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