Calvin Klein Spring 2016 Global Advertising Campaign – :30

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Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, the Spring 2016 Calvin Klein global advertising campaign presents a diverse cast that ranges from global superstars, actors, rappers, artists and models to street cast talent. Those featured include Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kendrick Lamar, FKA twigs, Fetty Wap, Klara Kristin, Joey Bada$$, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Adwoa Aboah, Saskia de Brauw, Destiny Frasqueri, Sung Jin Park and more. #mycalvins


Freddy Silva says:

Just squat in your calvins

Meor Azmeer says:

I do karate chops with my cousin calvin

Keyssa Amorim says:

uau juntins is amazing perfecttttt

John Appleseedy says:

came for fka twigs…they probably showed her for a millisecond

Christian Sims says:

Only liked for Kendrick. Then left the vid

ChoskarChulian says:

I am here because KENDRICK WOOOOO

Michael Froimchuk says:

I shit in my calvins

bitbites abc says:

show that hot butt justin

A. Eqabi says:

f*ck you and your calvin

Dpw Hall says:

Like any of his fans could actually wear these calvins lol fyi you gotta be sexy and only a few million people in the world have "the" look and body to pull it off. Just More publicity for them, any dumbass can workout get abs and still be a douche

twaii1208 says:

who's the guy at 0:18 ? look familiar

Aristocats says:

I fap in my calvins

Loving Brother says:

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gnarly441 says:

I clicked on this just to dislike it.. now im out im not even going to give justin bieber or any of his fans the satisfaction of watching the video

FreneticKey says:

get a real man

Jay Lacky says:

I'm glad they are using ugly black people and not just goodlooking black models, glad they use that ugly white girl at the end, now I only wish they would start being inclusive to morbidly obese people and not just include all skinny or normal weight people. They could start putting older people in the ad too like 80 year old obese men in they underwear so as not to discriminate against old men.

HairlessNipples says:

I jizz in my calvins.

frankieinfrance says:

Uhhhmmm I would expect Kendrick to stay away from this shit but apparently after bad blood he's only looking for a way to make easy money, not staying true to the struggles and hardship a true rapper has to face….

Anthony Mendez says:

I go balls deep in #mycalvin

Candyfloss says:

Random Fact Guy is here

You're more likely to become president than winning the lottery


Grim the Velociraptor says:

I jiz in my calvins.

Night Rider says:

99% of the time nobody cares about your Calvins…

Malcolm Swoboda says:

I wear underwear.

Christian Ndiritu says:

Shout to calvin for diversesity

Sup? says:

I lean in my white tee

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