The US Economy Is Propped Up By Obamacare Spending Which Is Completely Unsustainable – Episode 880a

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Report date: 01.29.2016

Domestic businesses in Canada optimism plummets, hope dies. Macy’s slashes guidance for 2016. US economy grows by .69%, primarily supported by Obamacare. Baltic Dry Index falls again. Bank of Japan goes to negative interest rates. Saudi Arabia blows through 19 billion of reserves. The economic indicators are pointing to a complete shutdown of the economy.

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Eunice Mathu says:

Dollar bubble! If it burst we shall know the real value of America.

FixItStupid says:

It's A Nuclear End… One Way Or The Other…. Fukushima Japan Nuclear Disaster Never Ended….. The Next Nuclear Disaster Is A Mathematical Certainty……. Due To The Algorithm Of Greed
How's everybody feeling???? Like that Zito virus??? OR IS IT The R word?

Roland Braun says:

Expect a devaluation of the Yuan now that Japan is forcing a Yen devaluation via negative interest rates .Another nail in the coffin of the US dollar which will strengthen and strangle US exports even more as well as push borrowers in the emerging countries closer to bankruptcies . The full spectacle of currency wars that can only lead to trade wars and real wars !!

PnaCz 2015 says:

I'm pretending this is not going to happen. More credit please.

Greg B says:

Looks familiar to me:
Oct. 14, 1929
"Secretary Lamont and officials of the Commerce Department today denied rumors that a severe depression in business and industrial activity was impending, which had been based on a mistaken interpretation of a review of industrial and credit conditions issued earlier in the day by the Federal Reserve Board". New York Times

fmsracing442 says:

" A number above 50 indicates the owner's of businesses expected the businesses to get stronger and economy to do well over the next 12 months." I could be wrong, but I think 54.3 is above 50. Thus, this is good news but you say it means the economy is doing bad. What logic are you using???

Cornell Jones says:

Obama another typical house Negro every idiot knows that Obamacare was injunction on the people for revenue read The Decline and Fall of Roman Empire by Edward Gibbons. The Roman Empire did exactly the same thing before they collapsed they kept propping of new laws because they had went broke from continuous wars and occupation of other countries. Don't let anyone tell you different my common fellow Americans eventually the most powerful empire will collapse it is the will of almighty God it is His check and balance on His puny creatures because after some time homosapians will develop arrogance having power to long.

Jason Aiken says:

Why do trolls never show their faces.

CH D says:

Back in 1698 they said get ready for a New World Currency in 2018…will this last until 2018? It looks like that date is on track. Hopefully we the people stop it somehow. Its time to march on the streets people and get away from the isolation of the internet (Not saying that we don't want DAve to stop his real news channel)

tatsf226 says:

Why is China economy stronger than USA? Many Chinese people are poorer than American. Chinese is dumping yuan RMB and buying USD. Chinese love USA and USD. Rich Chinese final destination is USA.

Poor Chinese students

tenjin gstring says:

Dave EXCELLENT ! I am with you all the way !

Mister International says:

Considering how much the US has spent and continues to spend on ‘foreign aid’, I think it’s time to collect with interest.

Frank STEIN says:


The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce that provides important economic statistics including the gross domestic product of the United States

On January 5, I posted this table of construction revisions that I calculated from the BEA's revision announcement.

Total Residential Construction Spending vs. Previous Reports

Date Total Residential Construction Spending
Previous M/M Increase Revised M/M Increase Difference
Oct-15 0.98% 0.22% -0.77%
Sep-15 1.58% 1.14% -0.44%
Aug-15 1.73% 1.06% -0.67%
Jul-15 1.60% 0.33% -1.28%
Jun-15 0.74% 0.66% -0.08%
May-15 1.71% 1.26% -0.45%
Apr-15 2.60% 0.79% -1.81%
Mar-15 -0.76% -0.07% 0.69%
Feb-15 0.50% 0.65% 0.16%
Jan-15 1.25% 1.29% 0.04%
Dec-14 2.22% 2.85% 0.63%
Nov-14 1.52% 2.09% 0.58%
Oct-14 1.38% 2.12% 0.74%
Sep-14 2.24% 2.40% 0.16%
Aug-14 0.15% -0.05% -0.19%
Jul-14 0.03% -0.28% -0.30%
Jun-14 -1.13% -0.88% 0.24%
May-14 -2.20% -0.72% 1.48%
Apr-14 -0.46% 0.56% 1.02%
Mar-14 -1.11% 0.98% 2.09%
Feb-14 -0.76% 0.45% 1.21%
Jan-14 -1.25% 1.69% 2.94%

St Kr says:

This guy does nothing but speculate and put his spin on things. His Obamacare argument was laughable.

Blake Schuele says:

There is nothing "elite" about 'em.

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