Starting my Breast Cancer Treatment | Herceptin | #PowerOverBreastCancer

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Day 1 of my journey to becoming 110% healthy and CANCER FREE!!!! Thank you again for your encouraging words and prayers! I vlogged my chemo treatment today–I will try and upload soon! x

The point of these vlogs is to raise awareness for breast cancer and encourage self breast exams to promote early detection. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m 31 years old and never thought this would happen to me as I live a healthy lifestyle. PLEASE share this video series out with others!!! Early detection can make all the difference.

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Plantopia Kitchen says:

first…your cup size looks like a C/D….probably more a D.

second..i am so sorry you had to experience someone close to you being judgemental and not being supportive. i truly felt your pain and sadness. hang in their pretty lady…you are going to get through this :)

Naya Ramos says:

C cup? I dont know! LoL

Purplefairydust4u says:

So sorry to hear about your family member being so rude/hurtful to you. On a brighter note, I think your wig looks fantastic! It's inspirational that you are doing what you feel is best for you from the get go of the situation you are faced with. I think you're 100% right about cutting your hair & being able to get used to it being short to mentally prepare yourself as much as you can for if/when you lose it. Kudos to you for being so brave & still finding ways to be positive & smile through such trying times. Praying for you & your family. God Bless you :)

Jane Liu says:

You are so beautiful, stay strong

sarah lynne says:

I found your channel randomly, and I'm glad I did 🙂 I love your positive attitude!!!! I recommend Louise hay, author!! She healed her cancer with positive affirmations!! Best of luck to you, p.s. I think you looked so good with short hair, you can rock any hair or no hair!! Xoxox

exactly150 says:

I wear wigs too. I have to. I had cancer 15 years ago, and then other health issues as years went by. I noticed my hair got thinner and thinner, until I just needed a wig. The first few I purchased were cheapie ones and didn't look well. The more knowledge you get about wigs, you'll find which ones are made better. IT IS embarassing to put a wig on at first. It took me about 6 months to feel comfortable. You won't be in them for long, so that is something wonderful to look forward to. Cup size looks like a C to me. A nice C!! You are doing great during this difficult time. You will come out on the other side changed, but you will come out. You will be a stronger woman, and your daughter as she gets older will gain a lot of respect for you.

Leanne Marshall says:

Much love Nancy, thinking of you and sending love! You are so strong! Love that t shirt x

catnkurt says:

Unsure of what American sizes go by but in Australian sizing I would say a very large C cup.. or D.. more like a D actually 🙂 Lol Hope you have a lovely day :)

eileenthequeen74 says:

+The Ladies Life Guide Hi Nancy, I want to thank you for sharing your progress with us…what you're going through is very real, and you have every right to be private, but are a soldier to those who are scared. So again, thank you.
You're wig looks very natural, and you said it; it's what makes you feel like you. You can't let anyone take that away from you! Have you watched the documentary, Iris? (On Netflix now) Iris is the epitome of dressing how she's inspired to dress, and doesn't judge others for their individual style! On that note, you are beautiful, Fancy Nancy!!!

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