Forex Trading with Elite Trading Academy $2400 in two days PROOF (Gerardo Ibarra) & MCA proof

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Andres Fernandez says:

Bro Show me how to get This Please

Ron Johnson says:

Dude, you own elite trading academy. Why play it off like you learned anything. Just taking other peoples money…

Redi Dibrani says:

Gerardo, you know and I know that this doesn't mean anything. I've days been up over $4k myself. Consistency is the real proof and not just any blind day……I'd have liked to see your equity there instead of your P/L actually lol

Jennifer Daash says:

Do u have do be on Mca to make that much money because I'm starting to trade forex from the CMC trading platform. And on my CMC demo i account I made more than 50000 pounds in a week, I want to go live this week but I'm not sure. 

Nikki JesusIsLord says:

Warren Buffet don't drive no expensive car and he is a multi- billionare not millionaire billionaire. Also same for Chris Rock multi millionaire he doesn't drive anything fancy either lol. Its not the car its the money you bringing in.

Danny says:

What's wrong with driving a Honda while making 6 figures. Different perspectives 

William PowerMotivation says:

Hello Gerardo, 
I'm interested and want to join 6 figure with you! You seem like a great mentor..its hard to find nice mentors like you that are willing to help and train you! I would love to get the free training please for MCA and FOREX! Thanks for your time Gerardo!

Have a blessed day

Pimp Named Craig says:

Yo i want to get started with MCA is that new training still available ?

NoMore9to5Work says:

How much capital do you need to make that 1k+/day?

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