BIOLOGY CLASS – Battlefield 4 Origin Access

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Who knew that you could learn about Anatomy in Battlefield 4… Sex education has never been so action packed. “Sponsored by EA RONKU” – Get Origin Access here –

Enjoy! Playing with

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Thumbnail Art by Shadowsix:

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Smug says:

This must be a 100 man orgy.

Duncan Jones says:

Nice Walking Dead intro !

iSh0tYou99 says:

Hey Jack! How do you maintain playing BF4 without getting bored with it? I'm a Battlefield player myself but I just got bored with it because it just got repetitive for me.

Sage Lee says:

I need some advice. I'm a poor student trying to get by that has been blessed with a gaming rig. I've had bf4 for a bit and I was wondering if I should blow some cash and get premium or wait for the next battlefield game.

Walrusaurus Rex says:

Wouldn't this be like anatomy or something

depressing bassdrop says:

WHY IS THAT DRONE A THING IS IT A GADGET OR PICKUP?!?! If that is a gadget it ruins all the players who dont have the dlc because then however has it just flanks and wins D: cough operation locker cough

Denny Hall says:

haha yeah that one frame says you got killed by a sks before correcting its self killed in action

MeLikeLittleBoom : says:

[CRW] stonedduck91 killed you with a SKS Class: Recon Attachments: IRNV [IR 1X] Canted Ironsights Heavy Barrel Angled Grip ( In case you were wondering what he was talking about i named what he had and his name 😀 5:19

Ãcë Slÿdš says:


&thony says:

I dont understand how people can play with low anti aliasing. The flickering is so distracting.

Grant Ye says:

Jack taught sex ed better than my high school health class.

Zach Cabrera says:

what was i watching

aremec1 says:

birth control simulator

Dewey's education Jordan's dunks says:

funny stuff

JLock17 says:

That X-men theme near the end.

sebba Wizzie says:

Can I get a gaming computer from someone?

SquishySpud says:

Well that escalated quickly.

MayAnneNaze says:

Purge the anus! Haha

Rikitikisiki says:

Whyyy are the tutorials/hints whatever on? SUUUURELY Jackthewooomber knows his stuff?

Kalaka- BGR says:

Guys how to find a good friends in Battlefield 4 i am so lonely :(

mkmp says:

The outro seems to be a remix of The XX – Intro. I see what you did there Jack.

peter havens says:

hahahahaha the best

shiznit93274 says:

More BF4 please. And do you ever play with Azzy and Chaboyy anymore?

tatios dudukjian says:

Hangar 21 would never be the same anymore

Max Comm says:

For virgins they know the female reproductive system very well.

TheBlueMonster says:

Woumb Raider

Ryuichi Masuda says:

I like the new intro.

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