ALERT! Central Bank Desperation Hits Fever Pitch. Proof US Economy IS Slowing. By Gregory Mannarino

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Mrbooboo1972 says:

Greg can you explain to me a lil about what this new "SIFO" is..? Cashless banking..? or some b.s.

April Gardner says:

2001-2003: 32% decline…$4,500.00; 2007-2008: 40% decline… $6,000.00; My Prediction based on statistical trend…2015-2017 48% decline…$8,500.00 on or about January 2017.

1999-2009. Range 278-900.
2010-Present. Range 1100-1100! (FACT)
Suppressed value proven.

Jason Bourne says:

yep and the Baltic Dry Index is Dowwwnnnnnn again to 317 lol ………just keep watching the kardashians and american idol lol ha ha ha ha ha,,,,

AK N says:

I have a challenge. I do enjoy your analysis for the status of the US economy, but what would be the "correct" way to fix the problem with the economy, as a whole. I think we need to start to think of what will replace this, when it dies. If we do not, something worse will replace its void.

Jeff Williams says:

cheers Greg – as usual most informative if just a little chilling

Animo Amigo says:

Boob tube is what majority watch on cable. The majority need that mommy booby milk to calm them cause mommy on the news says things will be okay.

Animo Amigo says:

My Predictions 3rd quarter of 2017 will be bad for real estate. The beginning of 4th quarter bond market will get really bad with our currency loosing its value. War in the middle East,and north Africa will get really bad. if you'dPrice of Gasoline will go up by 40%,there will be drafts like Vietnam style,more woman will be part of Infantry,great recession begins,and banks won't kick you out of your house if you default towards the end of 2017 beginning 2018. Learn to grow a garden,and buy chickens too if you can.

Luis defunes says:

It´s clear that all the central banks are in collusion. We live in the post-global era; that is, central banks do not longer look after the interests of the citizen or the state; all they care about is the big banks with their huge amount of worthless derivatives and the megacorporations that are buying back their own stock shares with cheap money. It´s the new reality, do not expect your government do anything for you because they don´t give the sh..t about you. Well, actually they care about you: they will make sure you pay to the last penny their abusive taxes.

Chuck Dellano says:

Sweden is test model,my mother was there a year ago and she said banks have no cash but you can get small amounts from atm machine.

Andrew Jackson says:

if commodities are seeing deflation, and retail prices are seeing inflation, isn't that the first sign of hyperinflation? Greg or anyone else please answer

Lockemeister says:

"deluded and delusional"…that was perfect Greg!

Jay D says:

bring on the neg rates im ready for it …. got gold ? , real estate , refi ready

fomalhaut says:

With all the doom and gloom present in the stats over the last year it is amazing to see the Dow higher than it was at its robust peak in 2007. That is shocking. Only fraud could make that possible.

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