Quite Possibly the WORST Photography Website Design Ever

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Yes the title is pretty self explanatory but before you jump down my throat about being to critical please make sure you watch the entire video.

This is one of the worst designed photography websites I have seen. It was used using a free website building and it looks like it is a Geocities style site from 1998. On the flip side the ideas on the site are not bad. What was holding back the photographer was the website builder itself.

The photography is not bad, the content on the site was not that bad either but the overall design is horrid.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way I want to let you know that I am personally purchasing Stephen a year of Squarespace so he can better showcase his work. I know that he will be able to take the ideas from this video and bring them to life on his very own squarespace site.

We will do a follow up as soon as he gets that working.

Sometimes you have to say it like it is but still find a way to have a positive spin on it. I think to many people today are afraid to say it like it is. Or they say it like it is but they never leave positive feedback and they just skew negative.

I think there is a lot that everyone can learn from this video not just about building a photography website but also about how to pass along criticism.

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Trey says:

this guy Is a dickhead. I love it.

hallecats says:

Your hair rocks!

DaSynth says:

Had this been 10 years ago, this design would have been fine.

Frederick Dunn says:

Hey Jared…. you did a really good job reviewing this website… much appreciated.  Getting honest feedback on websites is VERY important… clients rarely, if ever, comment on website composition and effectiveness.  Thanks!

MrFermanaghman says:

Hey bro. Is squarespace good for UK guys? I have my own domain name bought but after this vid I am thinking of getting squarespace

Seth Hunt says:

I will be getting Squarespace soon! 

plumlove1995 says:


Michael Leonard says:

Jared, one of the best things about you is that you are honest and you don't pull punches. Keep it up. I'm struggling to find the right platform for my images… it's like pulling teeth.

EthanAlex says:

Played this fullscreen and COULD NOT stop trying to click the bouncing Adobe icon on the dock. "Oh, right, not my computer…"

Er. Raaz says:

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necroticaa says:

fuckign hipster GTFO don't want to see your scrub face on yt any more MORON! did not watch one of your videos  advertising like a lil bitch wont get u viewers u ugly fuck.

talha tanza says:

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Alish PH says:

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michaelandcarina bethea says:

C myk***

Rick Lugo says:

This is good!  I don't list my packages on my site but since mostly wedding clients reach out to me I usually just put the base price that my packages begin with. 

Johnny says:

Never put pictures of your little kids and wife in your portolio

H(CHB11Cl11) says:

Kinda immature complaining on his website like this? I bet he would same the same about your hair :)

Montse Gonzalez says:

It's so funny because you talk and look like one of my teachers (he was my photography professor) you both even use same expressions. Its so weird like you guys are clones. You remind me of him and I can sure say that I've learned a lot from both you guys 

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

The design isnt best but can be with few tweaks. If each category (event photographer, wedding,sports etc) are in separate big buttons, shows few examples at each category. Separate galery with photos/videos with sort options. To sort the images by genre,date and other parameters. Too much free space is left. The page should fit to screen. The text must be bigger, At the corners can be placed ads at the sides vertical ads. The price packages should be in separate menu. On a table with sort filter by price/type. Discounts always attract the members. Include the fees in the price. Also can have elements of fun. Like Jared Polin's logo with the big hair with camera. 

essellar says:

Doesn't look like GeoCities at all. I mean, where's the Comic Sans and the "under construction" animated GIFs? Nothing was rainbow-coloured, and hardly anything blinked at all!!!

viigraphix says:

so many ppl hating on "Fro's" critique.  They are just his opinions on the site. And a lot of the things he pointed out, were valid and again his own opinion. Doesn't mean he's bashing him. Fro says quite clearly, he loves Steven's photo's just not his website look and design.

Alex White says:

Just code your own if you can't afford it.. I learned CSS javascript and HTML in about a week

Paul Houghton says:

Jared are you going to review his site again when he had moved to square space do a before and after video on YouTube prove to the viewers what a difference a decent layout can make 

John Donahue says:

If you're a young photographer, or just an entrepreneur, watch this and apply it to your business. 
+Jared Polin  isn't harsh, just straight forward. He critiques the site, the photography, and the marketing in just 12 minutes. Great stuff, and simple to apply.
Jared, you need to do a "Starting a Photography Business" video.

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