Pirillo Vlog 999 – Thank You for Joining Us on @PirilloVlogs

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tonyspony says:

What a ride it's been :-)

buzzmeok says:

What a cute baby boy. Boys are so ewwwwwwww

Uthman Baksh says:

I am still catching up on the vlogs. It was amazing to see 999 vlogs. I remember when you were sitting in a live stream and watching your videos from that stream. I will still watch some of the new content on this channel from time to time. See you over on +Pirillo Vlogs! 

Adam Oldaker says:

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Hector Gonzalo says:

At first you scared me Chris! you made me thought that Pirillo Vlogs were over. Thanks for keeping it!

Ricardo Cortez says:

love u Chris !

bigpuff714 says:

Is it because you have over of a quarter of a million subscribers, and you can now use it for your business? If so that was smart 

Val D says:

So precious I want a baby after watching this lol

Andy San says:

Thanks so much for all you've done, Chris!! I'll be sure to follow your new channel as well as keep up with this channel! #backtolurking  

The Crazy Family Show says:

As a fellow vlogger I know how much work you put into making vlogs. Keep up the great work. I was subscribed then some how was I was undubscribed but I'm back 🙂 

netcrawler says:

Is buying Starwarethings in the budget? :-)

Maxie Sky says:

I'm sorry, but I can't find the VLOGS after this one!!!!! I'm a Patron, please help me!!!

Kaicey Oliver says:

Jedi is so adorable, I can't.

Steven Walsh says:

As long as you continue to make the vlogs, myself along with many others will be there to watch, support and follow. I've been following you for almost 6 years and I've seen nearly every vlog to date. You bringing us into the day in the life of the Pirillo family has made me feel like we're part if your daily life and I appreciate you allowing us to be there with you every day.

AClover4life14 says:

OH MY GOSH!! Those little shoes are so sparkly!!!

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