HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP , Jquery, Ajax website design (E.commerce) Part 1

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Younes RM


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Description about Younes RM channel: I am 18 years old from Iran living in United Kingdom. I am coding from 2010 and i have become one of the professional developers in my country. just knowing how to code will not be enough to be a good developer. I’m here to share how to develop your idea and create great stuff with them. there are so many youtube channel here that you can use to code but they are all basic and will not tell you to what to do after you know how to code. well come here and join me because then you will be like me by knowing how to develop using all coding languages in one website and develop something like facebook and youtube. here you can learn how to use HTML, JQuary, PHP, AJAX, CSS, Sass, API, JAVASCRIPT and all of the coding languages that does exist becuase we are here to learn the pro not the basic so we will start by creating a social networking application and then moving to creating CMS and templates. Follow me Our Gaming Channel:


D'J Rocker says:

What should I do for this? Please help!!!

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefied function mysql_connect() in C:xampphtdocsincphpfunctions.php:3 Stack trace #0 C:xampphtdocsincheader.php(10): require once() #1 C:xampphtdocsindex.php(4): require once('C:\xampp\htdocs…') #2 {main} thrown in C:xampphtdocsincphpfunctions.php on line 3

Hichem Memmi says:

Hi Younes, just a tip regarding the contact and the about that you want them to slide down/up separately only one at the time you just need to type <div id="contactdiv" class="contact"> instead of <div id="contactdiv" class="about">

Venkatraman Ramkrishan says:

plz replay sir I am waiting

Venkatraman Ramkrishan says:

sir my about slide down and slide up is not working plz solve issue

Alex Cruz says:

add my initials ACM I am totally following from Puerto Rico

Younes RM says:

Donate a Little and get a lot.

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Younes RM

omar camara says:

well younes you're a creative, thanks for this video which was tremendously helpful

John Weaver says:

Younes you are too funny man!

Richo Andy says:

but its not an e commerce like buy and sell product (?)

Jet Clark Zobel says:

Hello there, your tutorial is very helpful to me, but 1 thing, I still getting this error in connecting to database, what should I do ?

Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:xampphtdocsplayerinfo.php on line 8
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''freeagent' WHERE 'name' = 'Ignatius'' at line 1

Amil Jayasinghe says:

Outstanding, thanks for your great great video tutorial

kimbley says:

Hello sir! I'm stuck at the "about" tag it's not working. I follow the same as shown in the video and also re-checked many times the codes, still not working.

Thanks if u could help.

Felician Galgau says:

thanks for this beautiful tutorial

Nilesh Jain says:

can u please tell me how to do that active thing with jsp please

Morad Mahmud says:

it's details…….helpful

MGB C says:

hello sir, why you used index.php instead of index.html? what is the differents?

melanie diocareza says:

hello sir,
 wanna ask why the dropdown of the navigation menu are not working? hope you respond sir, thank you :)

Salem med medhat says:

playing jinx pffft noob

Devam Srivastava says:

I was practicing the same as told by you in league of draven.. when i included jquery files and the dropdown about us and contact, it doesnt work. Even my search box is not responsing upon the same css script as told by you. I tried to diagnose what is the problem but found nothing. Also, I've matched the code n number of times, codes are same so what can b the problem? plz help?

Jp Nazareno says:

Hi sir, Can i have your code to see the different of my codes Thanks in advance

Bernard Primo says:

Hello Sir, Can i Barrow your code in this Tutorial just to compare my work, Hoping for kind and sincerity.

Eric says:

I want to watch your league videos x.x

Darko Dobrić says:

Hey Younes!! mysql is deprecated… i dont know what version of php you are using….but on my php 5.6.8. xampp it doesnt work ! I found that working with mysqli is quite different than mysql. Any suggestions?

Nogueira Maier says:

please send the the menu function mavbook

Kevin Aguvasu says:

Please provide me the source code

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