How to Design Your Print Portfolio [Graphic Design]

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Many Graphic Designers have asked me about Print Portfolios and I have a lot of advice to help you especially if you are applying to ad agencies.

In future videos I will discuss how to talk about your Graphic Design Portfolio when presenting it in an interview, as well as what to wear and questions you should be prepared to answer, so stay tuned for that!

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K.D. Creative says:

What about issues where the client's work is confidential and they don't want you to use their work for personal advertising, promotions & portfolio? Alot of my good work are from these clients that then hit you the legalities talk.

therealimaniimani says:

Okay I am seriously new to Graphic designing I currently use the open source software Gimp(not sure if you heard of it) But it is what I can afford, because it's free. Do you think that I can have a successful graphic design business while at the moment using Gimp? Just curious as to what you think!

Tanya Lubbe (Beauty and the Brunette) says:

This was so helpful. Thank you!

Gabriel Chang says:

I have sent the artwork portfolio to the graphic company manager that I did in final presentation college put in log book for thesis but he said: "Im sorry mr.. Actually i found some graphic designer already.. About your application your portfolio not really that convincing.. If u have more convincing design which u work. I would might consider it.. Email me if u have it.." ha how to have a convincing portfolio? Like design put all those college artwork corporate identity rebranding logo design in a html website? I still don't know why when I sent email to parent show them the website I design but fail nothing appear. Why like this

Chesa Djanelle says:

Hi Roberto I was wondering if I could do my portfolio in a round shape paper? Does it have to be always rectangle shaped? And can I use your method for my portfolio for Graphic design in college? :)

Alberto Tirado The Greatest says:

Man, this is very helpful! I am almost done getting my graphic design certificate & I'm going to start work. I am so confused & scared about the interview & portfolio because this is my first job

Cam Mitch says:

what was the name of the type that you use?

By Hxnx says:

I have a question that I'm confused about.
Do I have to start everything from scratch like font styles, brush style, textures and many more to put together a picture?
Right now, I just find pictures, fonts, textures from online to create something.

Zoltan Gaal says:

Thank you Roberto, useful advice especially on what you've included in the descriptions on the bottom and stuff regarding personal work. Funny but probably true comment on professors 🙂 and also good insight into what a potentional employer wants. Thanks

Maylen Borrero Perea says:

Thank you very much +Roberto Blake, this is exactly what I was looking for. And I loved the way you explained it.

Life As I Know It says:

Great work man. I enjoyed this video.

Alem Abebe says:

Truly helpful. Keep up the great job. God bless you!

Abigail Lee says:

You are AWESOME! Just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your expertise! :D

Pawel Tracz says:

Wheres the link to the portfolio on amazon? I want the same one:)

Dee Williams says:

when it comes to projects with large and small firms as the artist do you create the contrat or that all done with the firms and also with side jobs whats the best way of going about it the finacle part with contrats?

St Romanesque says:

thank you so much for sharing! I really need this :D

ezra barsil says:

Thnks Roberto

Zanzara Loggan says:

nice video! Keep it up! We need it.

Kareem Drayton says:

This is so on point for me. I'm struggling to put mine together as I speak. Lol

Gabriella Shannen says:

I See RWBY on your artwork!

Alicia Perryman says:

I have an interview for A-level graphic designing in college and need to produce a portfolio, this was a great help, thank you!

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