How Bad Is It: Graphic Design

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Allan Pinheiro de Lima says:

Start at Graphic Design with no money, buy MANY, MAAAANY books and study, study and study, that's my actual role for now. But, I really want to study graphic design in EUA or Canada 'cause Brazil is not a good country to do GD.
Nice work, Karen, I'll watch your videos by now and learn with you too!

One question: iis it really difficult to make a college in yout country for me?

Camille Alcover says:

Hey! I am NOT a graphic designer, but working with them a lot, and I loved your video. The "dos and donts" format works quite well, it makes it easy to understand and entertaining.
Just one comment form my side (and here we are venturing into my area of expertise) You need to BREATHE :). Looking at your video was somewhat painful, 'coz I kept wondering whether you'd actually be able to make it to the end 😉 It makes your voice come out high pitched in a not-so-nice to listen to, stressful fashion. So, my advice: breathe, slow down, focus on yourself and you'll make your video even more interesting.

Webjor says:

take some breath girll :p awesome vid ;)

kauiHRO says:

convert your illegally fonts to strokes before give it to the client is not that illegally that you thought – giving away an editable file without converting fonts can get you in trouble but the client who prints it out have to buy it, of course you should too 'cause using fonts may get you questions whether you had bought it or where it is from, so it is half the truth…

Wagner Anne says:

is an (expensive) high quality printer necessary during college studies or later as a graduated graphic designer? is it also fine to go to a printing agency? :)

Kendra Marie Sakoian says:

I love the way you talk & your personality – you sound so down to earth and it's refreshing! keep doing you 🙂 and you're a lifesaver with these videos! love them!

maddogjb57 says:

Very Good! Keep them coming.

Ryan Garvin says:

You got that right about the inkjet printer! The RGB color gamut is much wider than that of CMYK, and since your photo printer has "extra" ink cartridges it can produce a wider range than CMYK. So sometimes we have to throw out the window our ways of RGB for screen and CMYK for print! If only illustrator (or anything) had an option for CcMmYK.

Ashyey says:

Sounds like she is about to start crying o.O

TaserTv says:

Your content seems great but the whole time I watch your video I keep saying to myself " why is the top of her head cut off in every video" Pull the camera back and turn the volume down. 

hotsonetti says:

Not using serif and sans serif fonts together is like eating your pork raw, not having your kids vaccinated and filling the tank of your Porsche with custard. Idiotic.

Designing Life says:

I like the serif and sans serif part. Ive heard so many designers scoff at that. Just found ur channel. Loving the vids. Good job :)

Kaitlyn Pepp says:

What advice would you give to a graphic designer that is about to graduate college, and is thinking about moving to LA?

Joy Carmel says:

I think your voice level is excellent, I represent an aging boomer population and you are one of the few that seems to be sensitive to those boomers that want clarity in voice presentations. Let others turn the volume down. 🙂 Keep going girl! 

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