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Song: Dutty Moonshine – Takin’ it Back

Where I get my background music:

*NEW 2015 FaZe Member Tee: http://fazeclanstore.com/collections/2015-member-tees/products/2015-member-tee-rug

If you read this far down the description I love you


Young curry Schultz says:

Bro I have the Same headset

Kwixify says:

Most mature 9 year old I've ever heard

Justice Laird says:

can you be my friend on xbox360 my name is gostbot4237 plz I want to go 1v1

CamKap says:

Anyone know the background of +Faze Rug Music in this video?

Mr Derp Gaming says:

With the risk I would've let him win I want rug to stay in faze

fake fake says:

be my friend please

hannah gerleman says:


Annabelle Murry says:

You have to be 15 to join FaZe

Rising Phoenix says:

faze rug 1v1 me bet I would win quickscope no scope if I win I join faze if you win I well you can choose :)

Rougan Williams Te Kiri says:

I love your vids best y outuber ever

mosasaurous says:

marine is not a clan, or a rank! dumbass kid.

zachary stewart says:

Dumbass 9 year old, marine is not a rank it is a branch of the army

Pumbaa_NaTion says:

Check out at 5:43 in the closet, a piece of his clothes moved..

Christian Dyer says:

I'm 8 and I can Quick Scoop

Determination Master says:

5:40 t shirt moves in closet haunted confirmed


Get rain or someone to watch this video then go in a party with them both and try and get him recruited haha

WsTozz- PS3 says:

"riot swap"

Cally Doodle says:

rug u play xbox 360

MajesticCanaan| Drip_Nacz says:

u don't wanna leave something your not in

Ghost Node17 says:

He said thx like once! XD brat

Edu Classics says:

Bro i reeeaally love this camo on ur balista

Kylie Spence says:

Could you please tell them to recruit me to faze ps 1v1 game tag slay1ngmaster

Blocky Maze says:

He doesn't sound nine but then again puberty is a bitch to your voice so

InfinateBurst says:

Well, banks leaved FaZe. You better get this guy in when hes old enough.

Andrew Castillo says:

do u play ps4

Andrew Castillo says:

do u play ps4

Realistic Narwhal (Govy) says:

You know I respect this kid, he doesn't freak out and he was pretty good for a 9 year old. Also he doesn't play it like he's actually in Faze.

Robot Spy739 says:

i am very good or decent at quickscoping but i cant trickshot. havent got the layout

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